KDS - Filtered Orders

On the KDS Screen of your Bbot Terminal, you have the ability to view 'Current', 'Future', and 'Past' Orders, but you can also filter orders via the 'Filtered Orders' tab. When you select the 'Filtered Orders' tab, you will be shown the following default filters which you can adjust based on your needs. The settings that you select will automatically save for easy access the next time you visit your 'Filtered Orders' tab. 

Filtering by Time

Created Time

You can select how far back from the order creation time you would like orders to appear on the filtered orders screen. 

'Desired Time' 

You can select how far back from the order desired time you would like orders to appear on the filtered orders screen. 

This toggle switch allows you to switch your time filter parameters based on the 'Created' or 'Desired' time of the order. 

  • 'Created Time' is when an order was placed by the guest 
  • 'Desired Time' is when a future order is meant to be fulfilled 
    • (e.g. if your Menu Settings are set to accept future orders, then the 'Desired Time' of the order is the first listed time in the time block that your guest can select at checkout. In the example below, for Order #BB518, the 'Desired Time' of this order is 6:00 PM)

'Start Time' & 'End Time' allow you to adjust the specific parameters of your time filter by date and time

  • The default 'Start Time' & 'End Time' will be one week in the past and one week in the future, respectively

 Filtering by Locations

Clicking the 'Locations' button will pull up a window that lists all of your available Location Codes that are fulfillable through the station that your terminal is currently set to fulfill. This window will allow you to search, select, and de-select certain locations that you may want to filter in your KDS Filtered Orders tab. 

 Filtering by Fulfillment Method

Clicking the 'Fulfillment Method' button will pull up a list of all available Fulfillment Methods at this station. You can then filter your orders by the fulfillment method you would like to view. Please remember that you can only filter by a single fulfillment method at a time. 

Filter by Order State

 Filtering by Order Status

Clicking the 'Order Status' button will pull up a list of the following status' which you can select from. Please keep in mind that you can only filter by a single order status at a time. 

Search Orders

The 'Search' bar will allow you to search your filtered orders for the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Menu Item
  • Guest Checkout Information (such as name, phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Customer: If you have multiple venues/vendors whose orders are sent to your KDS, you will see the option to filter by them, as well


The 'RESET' button will remove your applied filters and return your settings to their defaults.

Tip: Can't find a specific order you are looking for? Try broadening your filtering criteria (one to two filters at a time), then visually narrowing down your search. Adding too many filters can increase the capacity for human error such as inputting the wrong time or fulfillment method.