Menu Settings

In the Bbot Owner Panel, go to the 'Available Hours and Menu Settings' tab. 

Here you can adjust Prep Station Availability and Menu Settings. 

Under the Menu Settings tab, you can edit the menu name in the box provided, set the menu to display as its own tab or as a part of another menu or enable the menu to accept future orders. You can also edit when guests can place orders, how unavailable items are shown, and advanced order-ahead/future orders features (detailed below).

Edit When Guests Can Place Orders

When the future orders box is unchecked, you can manage when guests can place orders by setting your menu to either inherit its schedule from the prep station (set on the Prep Station Availability tab), or to its own schedule parameters.

In the 'Displayed as...' dropdown, you can choose to have a menu be listed as part of another menu. However, when that is selected, you need to ensure that both menus have the same open and close times. If the menu it is part of has different hours, either earlier or later, the nested menu will match those the other menus hours. 

When the future orders box is checked, you have the ability to set a schedule for: 

  • 'Allowed Ordering Windows' - when you allow a guest to place an order (typically 24/7 if you are allowing 'order ahead')
  • Allowed Delivery/Pickup Times' - when you will fulfill these orders for delivery or pickup (usually closely associated with your business hours)

For all menus, you can also restrict ordering and fulfillment dates by either allowing only certain dates or not allowing certain dates.

Edit How Unavailable Items Are Shown

  • 'Unfulfillable item visibility rules' - control how unfulfillable items display to your guests. This primarily applies to the visibility rules of menu items in menus that are "off hours"
  • 'Out-of-stock item visibility rules' - control how out-of-stock items appear. You can then set these items to never show or to adhere to your 'Unfulfillable item visibility rules'

Edit Advanced Order-Ahead / Future Orders Features

Advanced order-ahead/ future orders features allow you to adjust the following settings:

  • 'Timeblock Title' - What you would like to be displayed above your time-selector widget on the checkout page.
  • 'Timeblock Width' - The amount of time in each selectable timeblock (e.g. a 30 min timeblock width would result in a block like 9:00-9:30)
  • 'Timeblock Spacing' - The amount of time between the start time of each timeblock (e.g. a 60 min timeblock spacing added to the above-mentioned 30 min timeblock width would result in the following selectable timeblocks: 9:00-9:30, 10:00-10:30, 11:00-11:30, etc).
  • 'Minimum calendar days of lead time for delivery/pickup' - Controls how soon a guest can place an order in calendar days (e.g. if set to 0, the guest will have the option to order that same day.
  • 'Minimum minutes of lead time for delivery/pickup ' - This sets how many minutes in advance you want guests to be able to place an order. (e.g. If calendar days of lead time and minutes of lead time are set to 0, guests will be able to place ASAP orders. If calendar days of lead time is set to 0 and minutes of lead time is set to 30, the guest will be offered timeblocks that are no sooner than 30 min from the time the order is placed.)
  • 'Maximum allowed lead time for delivery/pickup' - This sets how many hours (or days) in advance you want guests to be able to place an order. This field can be set to a maximum value of 2040 hours (85 days).

How Time Blocks Are Calculated

Future ordering time blocks are first calculated by looking at the Time Block Spacing entry and starting those at midnight. They are then filtered by the Allowed Delivery/Pickup Times within those time blocks. The time block Width does not factor into calculating the allowed time blocks in the Menu Settings and is only used for providing windows of delivery or pick-up times for guests. 

Conflicting Timing Rules

If a guest is trying to order items from menus with conflicting timing rules in one checkout they will receive the following error message, "There is a problem with your cart; these items are available on different days or times so they cannot be ordered together. Please remove some items."

If you have any questions or need assistance with adjusting any of your menu settings, please contact our support team at