Location Codes

A Location Code represents a specific table, bar seat, area, hotel room, or pickup spot where F&B can be delivered to or picked up from. In the case of pickup and delivery orders, you may have just one single location code that represents that specific fulfillment method. Every Location Code must have an associated Fulfillment Method.

Each location code has a unique 'short code' that is the access point to your online menu via URL. You can change the settings of each location code by following the steps outlined here

Each Location Code can be serviced by multiple Fulfillment Stations, and are used to access specific Menus that are connected to that code. 

Guests sometimes need to manually enter a location code into an ordering page if a manual code entry is required for that location. Not all locations require a guest to enter a location code manually. Our system automatically links the guest to the correct location when they enter the ordering page via QR codes and NFC, or if the ordering site is a delivery-only page.