KDS Screen

I. KDS Overview

The KDS screen on the terminal will have three to four tabs at the top of the screen, as shown below.

  •  Current Orders: This tab shows orders that have been placed for immediate pickup or delivery (ASAP orders). This tab will always be displayed by default.
  • Future Orders: This tab houses orders that have been placed for future fulfillment and will only show on your KDS if you have 'order ahead' enabled. These orders will be moved from the 'Future Orders' tab to the 'Current Orders' tab 45 minutes prior to the time the order is set to be ready. If you prefer more or less time than 45 minutes, please email support@bbot.menu to request this change.
  • Past Orders: This tab shows orders that have already been completed. These orders will clear every night at approximately 4:00 AM.
  • Filtered Orders: Here you can filter your past, current, or future orders by day, time, fulfillment method, and/or order status. Please note that the filtered search function filters based on desired order time and not the time the order was created. 

II. Order Workflow

  • Receiving an Order: When an ASAP order comes in, it will appear on the KDS screen under the 'Current Orders' tab.

  • Accepting an Order: Clicking on the order once will acknowledge it, alerting the guest that the order has been accepted by staff and making the complete order viewable on the KDS.

  •  Moving an Order Through the Workflow: Clicking the bottom action area of the ticket will move the order forward through the process and eventually to 'Past Orders'. The text in this area of each ticket as displayed on the KDS, as well as the update that a guest receives when the order is moved to the next stage, will depend on the fulfillment method. For more information on this topic, please see this article on receiving orders.

III. Functions Of An Order

For any order that has been accepted, regardless of what stage it is in, clicking on it once will open up an order actions screen.

Here you will see line-itemized components of the order, as well as a number of functions at the bottom of the screen, including:

  • Refund: Refund an order
  • Re-print Ticket: Re-print the prep ticket, if applicable
  • Print Receipt: Print or reprint a customer receipt, if applicable
  • Send Receipt: Email or text a receipt to a customer

If you select one or more items on this screen, you will have the additional option to move those items through the order workflow process via the status bar at the bottom of the window.

If an item or order is moved forward to a fulfillment status by error, an employee with an Owner or Manager pin has the ability to reverse the status. 

When completing this action, you will be able to choose whether or not to notify the guest of the change via the 'Send SMS' option just above the status bar. This box is checked by default, and guests will automatically be alerted unless it is manually unchecked.

From this expanded order view, you will also be able to see any Related Orders that exist. 

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