Terminal - KDS Screen

The Kitchen Display Screen is where you can see all current and future orders received from guests placing orders. 

New Order Workflow

  • Receiving an Order: When an ASAP order comes in, it will appear on the KDS screen under the 'Current Orders' tab.

  • Accepting an Order: Tapping on the order once will accept it, making the complete order viewable on the KDS.
    • You can also configure new orders to display showing the items included in the order, and would then accept the order by tapping the status bar 'set accepted' at the bottom of the ticket. To read more about this option, please see the article on Terminal - Settings

Advancing the Order: Tapping the order's status will advance the order and eventually to 'Past Orders'. The text in this area of each ticket, as displayed on the KDS, will depend on the fulfillment method. For more information on this topic, please see this article on receiving orders.

If you have configured and customized the Guest Notification Sets in the Bbot owner panel, guests will receive text notifications as the status of the order is updated. 

Functions Of An Order

For any order that has been accepted, regardless of what stage it is in, clicking on the top section of the order will open up an order actions screen.

After clicking on the order, you will see a summary of the order, as well as possible functions at the bottom of the screen.

  • Refund: Owners or Managers can fully or partially refund an order.
  • Re-print Ticket: Re-print the kitchen ticket, if applicable. 
  • Print Receipt: Print or reprint a customer receipt, if applicable
    • If a Printer Control Box is connected and you are using the Web Terminal, receipts and tickets will print to the printer that is connected to the Printer Control Box. If no printer is connected, a PDF of the receipt or ticket will be generated, allowing you to print it through a desktop printer.
  • Send Receipt: Email or text a receipt to a customer
  • Edit: Add notes, change table or location, or assign to a different server

By selecting one or more items on this screen, you will have the additional option to move those items through the order workflow process via the status bar at the bottom of the window.

If an item or order is moved forward to a fulfillment status by error, an Owner or Manager can reverse the status. 

Future Orders

If Future Ordering has been enabled, guests can place orders for a date in the future, and those orders will be shown under the 'Future Orders' tab and will be snoozed until 45 minutes before the desired time the guest selected when the guest checked out. 

You can also click the 'Unsnooze' button to move the order to the 'Current Orders' tab.

Recently Fulfilled Orders

This tab allows you to look into all orders that have been recently placed through your location. Once orders have moved through fulfillment and are completed, each order will be moved to the 'Recently Fulfilled' tab.

Double tapping the status bar on Recently Fulfilled Orders will move the ticket back into Current Orders, and back to the first step in the fulfillment process (determined by the fulfillment method of the location code). 

All recent orders in the past 48 hours will be shown under the 'Recently Fulfilled' tab. To scroll through orders, you can tap the up or down buttons on the far right side of the terminal.

All Day View

On the KDS screen, you will see each order, including the items, order number, and guest information. When you switch to All Day View, you'll be shown all of the items that have been currently ordered and the amount ordered for each item.

You can also configure items with the same modifiers to be grouped or split out individually. To enable this, click on the toggle next to 'Split Items by Modifier on All Day View'. 

You can also enable the All Day View to flash when new orders are received by toggling on 'Flash Screen on All Day View'.

For questions about order fulfillment or viewing orders in Terminal,  please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.