Fulfillment Stations

A fulfillment station (sometimes called Prep Station) is a Bbot Terminal where staff fulfills customer orders. Most restaurants have 2 fulfillment stations: a kitchen and a bar. Others have more, such as 1 kitchen, a main bar, and a rooftop bar. The fulfillment stations are configured by Bbot during the initial setup of your restaurant (and can be changed on request). To choose the fulfillment station that a menu item goes to, go to the Bbot Owner Portal and edit the menu item.

Standard "Single Service Zone" Setup

Typically, each menu item will have exactly 1 fulfillment station. For example, this burger is always fulfilled by the kitchen:

When a customer makes a purchase in Bbot, each item will be assigned to its fulfillment station. With the setting above, the burger will go to the kitchen.

Complex Multi-Zone Setup

Some restaurants operate multiple service zones, each with their own bars. For example, suppose your restaurant has 1 kitchen and 2 bars (one per floor). And we want this setup:

  • Drinks ordered from rooftop Delivery Locations go to the Roof Bar
  • Drinks ordered from indoor Delivery Locations go to the Indoor Bar
  • Food goes to the kitchen, no matter where it's ordered from

That special drink-fulfillment behavior can be achieved with these 2 steps:

1) Go to the Bbot Owner Portal's Delivery Location Editor, select the rooftop Delivery Locations, and set them to be served by the Kitchen and by the Roof Bar, and NOT by the Indoor Bar.

In the same way, set the indoor locations to be served by the Kitchen and Indoor Bar. This will prevent orders from going to the wrong bar.

1) Set the drink items as fulfillable by either bar station. (The station that actually gets the order, will be determined by the guest's delivery location.)

Now, when a customer visits a rooftop Delivery Location and orders a Bud Light, Bbot will send the order to Roof Bar, because it is the prep station which 1) serves the rooftop delivery location AND 2) can fulfill the Bud Light.

You can set the fulfillment stations for multiple items at once: Just select multiple items and click the edit button. More details on this page.

Ticket Printing

By default, tickets will print at the station that fulfills the item. (This works because, during setup, Bbot configures the ticket printers that belong to each station. The ticket printers can be changed via support request.) 

In rare circumstances, you may want to override the print settings for a particular item. (E.g. maybe sushi items should print at the sushi bar instead of the main kitchen.) You can do this from the menu item editor: turn off 'Prints at the fulfilling station' and instead manually select the desired printers.