Fulfillment Methods And KDS Workflows

Different fulfillment methods can be configured for Location Codes in the Owner Panel. As orders are updated, the guest will be able to see the status of their order on the post-checkout page.

Each fulfillment method will have a unique color assigned to it. If you would like a custom color for a fulfillment method, please contact our Support team at support@bbot.menu.

Server Delivery

Current Orders Screen


Current Orders Screen

Driver Delivery

Current Orders Screen


Current Orders Screen

Runner With No Feedback to Guest

Used for setups with an integration; orders go straight to the main POS system and are fulfilled without using the Bbot tablet/terminal. This will also eliminate status updates for the order tracker on the post-checkout page. Please note: This method can only be used for server delivery!

Takeout With No Feedback to Guest

Past Orders

Counter With No Feedback to Guest

Past Orders


Future Orders Screen

Current Orders Screen

Robot Delivery

Server delivery via Bbot Robot; no servers are needed.

Food Hall Only Fulfillment Methods

Counter Service with Expo

Takeout with Expo

Takeout order workflow with expo prep station step added

Server Delivery with Expo

Dine-in order workflow with an expo prep station for delivery to the guest's location

Driver Delivery with Expo

Delivery using DoorDash / Relay integration, or the restaurant's own drivers with expo prep station step added

When an order is received for a DoorDash or Relay integrated customer, the delivery information will be displayed on the ticket including the guest's name and address. For DoorDash orders, the DoorDash Drive ID will be displayed as well as the status of the driver.



For questions about the KDS workflow, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.