Printer Control Box FAQ

Bbot’s printer control box is a small Linux computer that will be installed in the networking closet. It connects to the Bbot server to receive a print queue. It then sends print commands to networked printers, such as Epson models TM-U220 and TM-T88.

Q. Where can I find the serial number/ID for my printer control box?

The printer control box will have a printed label with the ID on a flat surface called 'Bbot Printer ID'. 


Q. Can I use wifi for my printer control box?

No. Printer control boxes must be connected to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Q. Do my printers have to be on the same network as my printer control box?

Yes. The Bbot Printer Control Box and Printers must be connected to the same router or switch to ensure they are on the same network level.

Q. How do I know that my printer control box is receiving a signal?

A green and yellow/orange light will come on to reflect that it’s powered on and receiving a signal.

Q. What kind of printers can I connect to my printer control box?

In general, Bbot can connect to most ethernet printers. Some examples of printers that we can connect to are:

  • TM-U220
  • TSP-600
  • STAR-SP700