Guest Notification Sets

A Guest Notification Set is the sequence of emails/texts that the system will send to guests after they place an order. With Guest Notification Sets (previously known as Fulfillment Notices) you now have the ability to configure guest notification texts and emails for different Fulfillment Methods per Location or Stations

first navigate to the 'Restaurant Setup' section of your Bbot owner panel and select 'Guest Notification Set'.

This will direct you to the main Guest Notification Sets page.

Here, you will see a few options, in addition to a table containing all of your Guest Notification Sets:

  • Reset all notifications to default: This will reset all messaging back to default.
  • Preview fulfillment notification: Click here to open a popup that will allow you to quickly set filters to preview notification sets. 

  • Guest Notification Sets Table: This chart will display all active Guest Notification Sets. In 90% of cases, you will only need your default set. If you would like to explore the option of a secondary Guest Notification Set after reading this guide thoroughly and editing your default set, please contact Bbot Support.

To edit a Guest Notification Set, click on the name of the set in the Guest Notification Sets table.

You will be brought to a page that shows a breakdown of each Fulfillment Method available for the selected Guest Notification Set. Each Fulfillment Method has a specific set of statuses listed, and every status can have an email and/or text notification configured. 

Green dots indicate that a notification is configured, while black dashes indicate that no notifications have been configured. This page is also where you can toggle on/off the option to prevent messages from sending after a certain amount of hours past a guest's desired order fulfillment time.

To view current configurations or to edit the notification for a specific status, click on the ‘pencil’ icon to the right of the status. Here, you can see the notification messages that are configured (if any).

Next, you can ‘Edit Email’ and/or ‘Edit Text’ to add a new message or edit an existing message. When you are done, click ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner.

*Please note: Emails must have a Subject and Body to be saved.

You also have the option to import all configured notification messages from one Guest Notification Set to a new Guest Notification Set. To do so, click in to edit the new Guest Notification Set and select the ‘Copy Messages From’ dropdown.

Choose the existing Guest Notification Set you’d like to import messages from, and a confirmation will appear once the import has successfully completed. 

*This import option will not be available if there is only one Guest Notification Set configured.

*NOTE FOR BBOT ADMINS: The fulfillment method of the GNS must be selected as "possible" in the account's Station Properties for the account that owns the notification set in order for it to display properly.