Receiving an Order

To begin receiving an order on the Bbot Web Terminal first start by logging in by following these steps here.

We recommend keeping it on the 'KDS' screen to avoid missing orders.

NOTE: The appearance and behavior of the order receiving screen depends on the configuration of your venue. Use this as a guideline and feel free to contact if you have any questions.

When one of your guests places an order they will see an order status screen. This screen may vary based on the configuration of your venue, but should look similar to the image below. When an order is received, it will appear on the KDS screen of the Web Terminal. 

To view the order start by clicking on the banner of the order. You will be accepting the order by selecting on the banner. This will move the order to 'accepted by staff' on the patrons end. 

As items are finished being prepared you can again select them and move them to the 'En Route' section at the bottom of the screen. This will also let the guest see that their order has been prepared and is en route to them.

Finally, when an item has been run to or picked up by the guest, it should be marked delivered by the staff.

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