Terminal - Settings Screen

Your Bbot Terminal Settings screen allows you to adjust configuration settings, execute bulk actions, and access troubleshooting tools as well as contact information for Bbot Support.


  • Device: This is the name of the device itself. You can set the device name however you would like to help you identify the device and distinguish it from others.
  • Device Profile: Device Profiles configure the terminal display windows for the different physical devices at your venue, including devices at Fulfillment Stations, Server Stations, and Runners’ Handhelds. If you have multiple Device Profiles, you can toggle between them here via the dropdown menu.
  • Update Menu: This button allows you to quickly update the menu on the KDS if there have been any recent changes to the menu in the Bbot Owner Panel.
  • Refresh All Data: Here you can refresh the tablet app. This can be useful when experiencing issues that may be a result of a connection issue or a recent update.
  • Keep Awake on Battery (Available for Android Apps Only): When this option is toggled ON, the device's screen will always remain on even when the device is unplugged from a charging station.
  • Toggle Full Screen: A simple but handy feature, this allows you to easily expand your Terminal to occupy your full screen.
  • Auto-Focus Current Orders: If on, the KDS Current Orders view will auto-focus after 3 minutes of no interaction when there’s a new order
  • KDS Idle Images: Arguably the most important feature of the Terminal, toggle this option on to view cute animals on your KDS screen when you have no Current Orders.

  • Timezone: Displays the timezone your device profile is set to

  • Wifi Network: Control and change the Wifi network that the device is connected to. This setting can also be used to access Bluetooth settings. once in the Wifi setting back out using the back arrow on the top left of the screen, this will give you access to the Bluetooth settings for the device.

Bulk Actions

  • Close Open Orders: Select this option to close multiple open orders on your KDS at once. When you choose this option, you will see the following popup appear where you can enter a numerical value for the number of hours. *Clearing Open Orders this way will NOT send an SMS text update to your guests.

  • Clear Closed Orders: Select this option to clear all closed orders.

Build Info

This section is used for troubleshooting and debugging issues. This is not a feature you will use in your day-to-day.


Here you’ll find the different ways you can contact Bbot support should you need assistance.

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