Server Handheld Mode - New Order and Checkout

To create a new order, navigate to the Locations Screen of your terminal, where you will see all Locations that have been added to the device profile.
You can filter your view using the 'Filter' option in the top right-hand corner; this allows you to limit which locations are visible to servers or other staff.  To expand and collapse the locations, you can click the up and down arrows, respectively.
When you are ready to create the order, select the location for which you would like to place the order by clicking on it. Then select ‘New Order’ from the top right corner of the screen. 
You'll then be able to add items to the order. If a table has more than one guest, you can click the 'Guests' button to add the appropriate number of guests. 

After selecting the number of guests, you can navigate the menu and add items to the guest's order. You can also search or select menus by typing item names in the search field. 

Tapping the 'Multi' button allows you to select multiple items on an order. You can then hit 'Copy' to repeat any items that are currently selected. 

Once you select an item, you can adjust the quantity by tapping the plus or minus signs.

You can also tap on the number and enter the quantity amount, and hit the plus or minus signs to increase the amount.

If you've added more than one guest, you can assign the item to a specific seat number after selecting all of the options for the menu item.

If a guest has a special request for their order, you can tap 'Requests' to add instructions for the order or items.

After tapping 'Requests', enter the instructions from the guest and click 'Ok'.

The special instructions will be visible under the item and appear on the ticket in the KDS.

Once all of the selections on the item have been made, tap the 'Done' button to add the item to the order. If the item is selected, you can also click the 'Remove' button to delete the item.

You can also remove all items by clicking the 'Clear' button if no items are selected.

After all the guest's items have been added, you can tap 'Quick Pay' or 'Checkout' to enter the guest's card information and finalize the order.

Tapping 'Quick Pay' will automatically take you to the checkout screen, where the guest can select the tip for the order, enter any required checkout information, or have a receipt sent via either email or text. 

If a guest would like to schedule a future order, you can select the date and time for either pickup or delivery in the dropdown menus under 'Desired Time'.

If the guest has a promo code, they can type it in the 'Enter Promo' field and click 'Apply' to add the promo code. The guest can also enter a custom tip by tapping the '$' to enter a dollar amount or the '%' to enter a percentage. 

After entering all the required information, tap the 'Pay Now' button.

The guest can tap, swipe, or manually enter the card information.

After the card is processed, the guest will be prompted to hand the device back to the server, and they can tap anywhere to return to the 'Locations' screen.

Tapping the 'Checkout' button will allow you to choose a card currently on file, if a guest has started a tab, or add a new card.

In the pop-up window, you can either tap, swipe, or manually enter the card number. 

Once the card has been entered, you will need to hand the device to the guest to approve the total amount applied to the card. 

Once the guest has approved the amount, they'll be prompted to hand the device back to the server, where they can tap anywhere on the screen to be taken back to the 'Locations' screen.

If you need to separate orders or items onto a new check, you can click the 'Split' button.

After tapping 'Split', select the items you'd like to move and tap 'Move Here' to add them to a new check. You will then be able to tap checkout to finalize the order for each guest.

Tapping 'Split By Item' will allow you to divide the price of the items selected by the number of parts entered. 

After selecting the number of ways, you would like to split an item, tap 'Go' and then select the portion of the item you would like to move and select the check you would like to move it to. 

Tapping 'By Seat' will automatically move items assigned to a different seat number onto a new check.

To complete the order, tap the 'Checkout' button for each guest and follow the instructions above to add payment information. 

After each guest has added a payment method, each order will show as 'Approved' and the server can click 'Submit' to send the order to the KDS. 

For questions about creating an order in the terminal, please contact our Support Team at