Server Handheld Mode - New Order and Checkout

You can start and submit a new order, as well as complete a checkout, right from your terminal. To create a new order, navigate to the Locations Screen of your terminal. Here you will see all Locations linked to this device profile.
If desired, you can filter your view using the 'Filter' option in the top right-hand corner. This can be particularly useful for a server that is only waiting on 3 tables and would prefer to view only those locations. To expand and collapse the locations, you can click the up arrow and down arrow, respectively.
When you are ready to create the order, select the location for which you would like to place the order by clicking on it. Then select ‘New Order’ from the top right corner of the screen. 

You'll then be able to add items to the order. If a table has more than one guest, you can click the 'Guests' button to add the appropriate number of guests. 

You can also click one of the buttons below to adjust the order and menu items:

Multi: This allows you to select multiple items on an order. You can then hit 'Copy' to repeat any items that are currently selected. 

From here you can now navigate the menu and add items and modifiers. 

There is the ability to search all or selected menus by typing in item names. 

Once you have the item selected you can adjust the quality of the menu item you would like to add by using the plus or minus signs or you can tap the number and enter the quantity amount.

You must then select the seat number or seat numbers for this item to be served.

You also have the ability to leave Special Instructions by selecting 'Special Request' from the lower bar. Once the order is complete, click ‘Checkout’ or "Quick Pay"

From the Checkout page, you will be allowed to split the check for multiple guests and can add an additional check by clicking the 'New Check' button.

Select the items that you would like to split and then select whether you would like to split by seat or by item. 

If you select separate by seat, any item that was served to multiple seats will be split equally between those seats.

You can easily move items to other checks as needed. Select the item and tap the check you would like to move it to.

Once you are ready, select the blue 'Checkout' button to complete the order.

If you are adding items to a Tab, the card used to start the Tab will appear as a payment option. If no payment method is available then select 'Add Card' to create a tab or 'Prompt Guest' to have the guest tap/chip/swipe or manually submit their payment information.

From this screen, you can hand the device to the guest to select the Tip, add a Promo Code and add their contact info for digital Receipt. They can then select Pay Now and they will be prompted to use the chip reader.

The guest will then be prompted to return the device to the server.

Once Checkout is complete, you can 'Submit Order.' The order will appear on your KDS screen as a Current Order. 

When an order is placed or a new tab is started on the Terminal, the tip associated with the order is assigned to the last staff member who logged into the terminal using their pin however staff members must have unique pin numbers. Staff members can review tips on the Terminal Tips Screen.

You can edit which server a tip is assigned to by editing the server in the order editor.

change the user that is currently logged in, you would need to click the user icon located in the top right corner of the terminal.

You'll then be taken to the pin screen where the server will enter their unique pin number assigned to that server.

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