Server Handheld Mode - Extra Checkout Information

When a server places an order through the handheld, the guest will then be presented with a summary of their order where they can enter a promo code and select a tip amount, either one of the default percentages, a flat amount, or a custom percentage.

By configuring the Required Checkout Information, you can also allow multi-choice checkout information, including Delivery, Takeout, and Patron Choice fulfillment methods. 

This allows staff to accept orders over the phone for delivery or pickup while ensuring they collect all necessary information for order fulfillment. Currently, only ASAP orders can be placed through the handheld.

For Patron Choice (Delivery or Takeout) and Delivery orders, the Terminal can now accept address inputs and autocompletes the delivery address verification. This verification ensures that the address exists and is properly formatted. 

For questions or assistance with configuring the required check out information, please contact our Support Team at