Tabs - The Server Experience

Tabs allow guests to order multiple times throughout their visit, which will appear as one cumulative charge on their bank statement rather than each order appearing separately.

Tabs Overview

To turn Tabs on for a location code, go to the 'Checkout' section of the specific Location Code and toggle on the 'Allow Tabs' option.

If you would also like to use the Tabs Sync feature, which allows servers to create a tab for a guest or add to guests' tabs, please contact

To create a new tab, click on a location under the 'Locations' screen.

After selecting the location, the 'Tabs' button will show all tabs associated with the selected location, including current and recently closed tabs. Each tab will show when it was last updated and started, when it will end, and the total. You can also search for a tab by entering the guest's first name, last name, or the four digits of the credit card number in the 'Search' field. 

Clicking the arrow under the guest's name will show you the order number and clicking on 'Show Details' will provide an itemized list of everything that was ordered as well as the guest's information that was entered on the checkout screen. 

Clicking the 'New Tab' button will create an open tab for the guest under that location. 

The guest will then need to add a credit card, either Visa or Mastercard, by tapping, swiping, or manually entering the credit card number. 

Once the card has been added, the server will be redirected back to the Tabs page. The close button will direct the guest to finalize their tab and enter the tip amount. 

The receipt button allows the guest to send an itemized receipt either via text or email. 

If a guest would like to allow others to join the tab, the server can click the 'share' button, and guests will be able to join the tab via a QR code.

Once the tab has been opened, the guest can click the 'Add to Tab' button to begin placing orders 

After adding all of the items for the guest, the server can click 'Add to Tab' to finalize the guests choices. 

The guest will then need to approve the items being added to the tab where they'll be given a summary of their order and the tip and tax amount. They can also add a promo by clicking the 'Add Promo' button and have a receipt for their order sent to them by entering their email or phone number in the Receipt field.

The guest can choose to keep the tab open or click 'Finalize Tab' to close the tab. The guest can also click on the icons shown below to hide the list of items, show an itemized list, and show a summary of their order. The guest can also change the tip percentage to one of the default percentages, or they can enter a custom tip amount by clicking the '$' to enter a dollar amount or '%' to enter a percentage. 

Once the guest has either approved the items for the tab or finalized the tab, the server will be taken back to the Tabs screen, where they can either add more items or create a new tab. 

For any questions about starting a new tab or configuring tabs, please contact our Support Team at