Tabs - The Server Experience

Tabs allow guests to order multiple times throughout their visit with those orders appearing as one cumulative charge on their bank statement rather than each order appearing separately. With Tabs Sync, servers are able to add items to existing tabs and start new tabs for guests, promoting server/guest engagement and making for a better guest experience. These features are only supported for Visa and Mastercard.

The ability to start a tab is configurable for each location code. To turn Tabs on for a given location code, go to the 'Checkout' section of the location code editor, and toggle on the 'Allow Tabs' option. Once the Tabs feature is enabled, your guests will be able to open tabs when ordering.

If you would like to also use the Tabs Sync feature in which servers can add to guests' tabs or start a tab for a guest, please contact In your message, please include the location code(s) for which you'd like to enable the Tabs Sync feature.

Tabs Overview

The Locations Screen in the Terminal shows all of your location codes and their associated orders and tabs. To view the details for a particular location, select that location from the list. The small icon in the bottom gray bar of the location denotes a tab associated with a location.

Once you select the location of your choice, you will be able to view the current orders, order history, tabs, and order previews that are specific to that location. To view the tabs associated with the selected location, navigate to the Tabs view, as shown below. This section shows all tabs associated with the location, alongside when the tab was last updated and started, when it will end, and the tab total.

Each tab overview is expandable to show all orders associated with that tab. From the expanded tab view, you can rename the tab by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the original tab name. This tab name will not be visible to guests. Once a tab is expanded to show orders, each order is also expandable and will show all items associated with that order. When fully expanded, you will be able to view the tab details right alongside order and item details.

For all tabs, you will see the following action buttons:

  • Close: When the guest is ready to close out their tab, the server would simply click the 'Close' option on the tab. They will be prompted with a dialogue box to confirm they would like to close the tab and confirm the amount of the tab. All tabs will be automatically closed 8 hours from the time they are started.
  • Share: To allow other guests to add to the tab, click the 'Share' button. This will display a QR code that guests can scan with their mobile devices, directing them to the menu page where they can place orders to be added to the tab.
  • New Order: This buttons allows you to add new orders to a tab. See details in the section below.

Tab Sync - Adding Items to an Existing Tab

Tab Sync allows servers to easily add new items and orders to an existing guest tab.

1) From the Terminal Locations Screen, select the location of the guest, then select the 'Tabs' view. Here you will see any existing tabs associated with this location.

2) Select the 'New Order' button on the tab to which you would like to add an order, then follow the standard workflow for creating a new order from the terminal.

As an alternative method, you may also:

1)  Start a new order from the Locations Screen following the standard workflow for this process.

2) Upon reaching the payment page, select from open tabs listed under the 'Tabs' section.

* If you have a card reader paired with the device, you will also see the option to 'Pay Now'. Only select this option if you also intend to finalize the order and close the tab.

3) All new orders created by the server will require guest approval. At this stage in the process, the server will hand the device to the guest to enter the tip amount and approve the order. After doing so, the guest will be prompted to hand the device back to the server.

Once the order is approved, it is created immediately but won’t show up on the guest’s post-checkout screen until the page re-polls (approximately every 2 min).

Tab Sync - Creating a Tab on Behalf of a Guest

Tab Sync allows servers to create new tabs on behalf of guests. Servers will only be able to do so on Android devices equipped with Stripe readers.
1) From the Terminal Locations Screen, select the location of the guest for whom you would like to start a tab, then select the 'Tabs' view. Here you will see any existing tabs associated with this location.

2) Select the blue '+' icon to start a new tab and give the tab a name.

3) The guest will have to present their card to insert into the reader in order to authorize the payment and start the tab. Credit card information will be retained on the device to allow guests to add more items to the tab. 

If there is no card reader attached to the device, the server will not be permitted to start a tab on behalf of a guest!

4) Once the tab is created, the server can begin adding orders to the tab by following the steps outlined in the 'Tab Sync - Adding Items to an Existing Tab' section above.

5) After 10 authorizations the guest will need to create an entirely new tab as Strip only allows for 10 incremental authorizations.

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