Terminal - Locations Screen

The Locations Screen allows you to view all locations linked to this device profile, along with their corresponding orders.

If desired, you can filter your view using the 'Filter' option in the top right-hand corner. This can be particularly useful for a server that is only waiting on 3 tables and would prefer to view only those locations.

From the main Locations view, you can select a Location Code to view specific order information. You also have the option to 'Clear All Guests.' This function clears all the seated groups (all orders visible in the Locations view). 

By selecting a specific Location Code, you can see a detailed breakdown of all items ordered at the selected Location Code.

You can view 'Current Orders', 'Order History' (orders that have already been fulfilled), and 'Order Previews' (open carts that have not yet completed checkout). Here, you'll also be able to view and add items to 'Tabs' (if activated for this particular Location Code).

From here, you also have the ability to Create A New Order or 'Block Ordering.' Blocking ordering will temporarily disable ordering from the selected Location Code until 'Allow Ordering' is selected. 

By selecting a specific Item or entire order, you'll be able to issue a Refund or Reorder the highlighted item(s). 

Click the blue pencil icon in the bottom right corner of an order to Edit or Add Notes to an Order

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