Editing Location Codes

To edit a location, start by logging into the Bbot Owner Panel and select 'Tables/Location Codes' under the 'Restaurant Setup' section.

  •  Location Name: The Name of the Location Code displayed on the BOS landing page, menu page as well as receipts
  • Code: The Location Code shown in the URL for the menu page i.e. bbot.menu/mt10
  • Zone: The ‘zone’ for sales and tips reporting a location code is a part. Note: this property does not affect any functional behavior on the site.
  • Order Enabled: Whether ordering is allowed at a location code.
  • Fulfillment Method: The Fulfillment Method available at the given Location Code

To edit the location code, you can click the box next to each location name or select the box next to 'Location Name' to select all location codes. Once you've selected the locations, the 'Edit' button will populate in the upper right corner, as shown below.

After clicking the 'Edit' button, you will be taken to the page shown below where you are able to navigate to different settings categories to adjust the location code you selected. 


The General settings allow you to rename location codes, create a Zone to group Location Codes, and enable or disable a Location Code you've made. 

  • Enable Location Code: Enabling a location code will allow guests to place orders through your Branded Ordering Site. Disabling a Location Code will remove all menus and fulfillment methods associated with it until it is re-enabled. 
  • Location Code: This is the extension of your Bbot URL i.e. bbot.menu/yourcatering that will allow guests to place orders for a specific fulfillment method or menu. If you are using QR Codes, we do not recommend changing the location code as that would prevent customers from scanning the code to place an order. 
  • Location Long Name: This is the name displayed for the specific code on your Branded Ordering Site and customer receipts.
  • Zone For Reports: Adding a Zone to a location will group it and any other Location Codes using the same Zone on the Sales by Zone report. 


Menu Display Configuration: This controls whether your menus are displayed in a dropdown menu or are listed at the top of the menu page on mobile devices.

Linked Menus: Clicking the toggle next to each menu lets you select whether a menu will be displayed for the specific location code.


To select specific a Station to fulfill orders for the location code, click the toggle on the right of the screen.

Fulfillment Methods

Fulfillment Method: You can select the specific Fulfillment Method for the location code from the dropdown menu.

Guest Checkout/Cart Enabled: Toggling this off will remove the shopping cart and prevent guests from placing items in the cart and checking out.

Allow Order Ahead: This allows for future ordering for the specific location code.

Message When Off: This displays the message enteredwhen a guest visits the menu page outside of ordering hours or when ordering is not enabled.


  • Tip and Tax
    • Forced Tip: If you would like a tip added automatically on checkout, you can enter the name and percentage of the tip you would like to add. 
    • Minimum Pretax Purchase: When enabled, this will prevent a guest from completing a checkout unless their order equals the minimum subtotal amount entered.
    • Maximum Pretax Purchase: This will limit the maximum subtotal amount a guest can order.

  • Tabs
    • Allow Tabs: Enabling Tabs will allow a guest to continue to add items to a running total and close out the tab at the end of the meal, or it will close automatically after 8 hours.
    • Tabs On By Default: If enabled, the 'Start a Tab' option on the checkout page will always be selected.
    • Promotional Codes: If left blank, 'Enter Promo Code' will be displayed in the Promo Code field in the customer cart and on the checkout page. To display a custom message, enter the message you would like displayed and click 'Save'.

  • Allowed Ordering - Similar to ordering windows for your Menu Settings, you can allow specific timeframes for ordering on your Location Codes. To limit the ability to order on particular days, enter the available hours for ordering or delivery/pickup and click 'Save'. You can also restrict or exclude specific dates by clicking on the box next to each option and entering the dates and times you would prefer to allow or exclude, respectively.

Group Ordering - When enabled, a customer can create a Shared Cart that other customers can join and add items.

 If you have any questions or need help with Location Codes, please contact our support team at support@bbot.menu.