Why Is My Menu Showing Up as Unavailable?


If a menu is not showing at certain locations, you can use the Menu Statuses tool to help determine the cause. This feature displays both fulfillment stations and menus by location, along with their current statuses (online v. offline) and a description of why. This can be particularly useful in troubleshooting missing and offline menus. 

Accessing the Menu Statuses Tool

To access the Menu Statuses tool, navigate to the 'Available Hours + Menu Settings' page in your Bbot owner panel. 

Once you arrive at the 'Available Hours + Menu Settings' page, click the blue 'View Current Menu Statuses' button at the top of the page.

A popup will appear. Type in a location code to see the status of all menus at that location. If you type nothing, a random location will auto-fill.

You will see all fulfillment stations that serve that specific location, as well as all menus available at that location. For any stations and menus that are not available, you'll see the reason highlighted in orange.

Further Troubleshooting

  • The menu is not listed at all: The selected location is not set to offer the menu. This can be changed by editing the menus tied to the location code(s) in the Tables/Location Codes section of your Bbot owner panel.
  • A menu is shown as "available," but certain items on the menu are not showing:  The missing items may be set to be fulfilled by the wrong station. To fix this, check the "Which Station Fulfills This Item?" section of the menu item editor for each of the missing items to ensure they're set to the correct station.

    If the settings are correct, check that the station is on and set to receive orders (visible via the Menu Statuses tool). If the station is not listed at all, ensure the location is connected to that station, in the location code editor.

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