Adding/Editing Menu Items

Your guests will see all your menu items organized by menu and category. Each item corresponds to a physical item you serve and must have a name and a price.

To view your menu items, click on 'Menus' under the 'Menu Management' heading in the Bbot Owner Panel.

You can see a list of all your menu items from the 'Menu Items' tab of the Bbot Owner Panel home screen.

To add a new menu item, click the '+' symbol in the top right corner. 

In the popup menu, complete the fields below, enter the menu information below and click 'Save' when finished. 

  • Select item Type: You can choose whether an item will be classified as a Drink or Food item.
  • Presentation to Customer:
    • 'Select A Menu': In the dropdown, select which menu this item will appear under
    • 'Display In Menu Heading': Select which Menu Heading, or category, the item will appear under on the menu.
    • 'Item Display Name': This is the item's name that will be displayed to guests on the menu page.
    • 'Description': The description of the menu item that will appear on the menu page.
    • 'Price': The item price shown to the guest. 
    • 'Tax Percent': The tax rate configured for the item.
    • 'Allow Modifiers': Checking this box allows for menu item modifiers to be selected by the guest. 

  • Reporting
    • 'Name for Reports': The name of the item as it will appear on reports. If a name is not entered, it will default to the Item Display Name.
    • 'Category for Reports': Select a category for reports (Beer, Wine, Liquor, Food, Other, etc.). If you would like to create a new reporting category, you can do so by clicking the blue '+' icon. * If you sell alcohol via a third party, you MUST select a report category for alcoholic menu items. 
    • 'SKU': If you are using SKU's for menu items, you can enter that for the item here.

  • Fulfillment
    • Enabled: Turn the item on or off. Items that are not enabled will not appear on menus!
    • Name displayed on tablet: Choose a different name rather than the name on the ordering site to be displayed on the fulfillment tablet, if desired.
    • Inventory Management / Uses the Same Inventory as Item...: Mark the item 'In Stock', 'Out of Stock', or enable inventory tracking by selecting 'Quantity'. If multiple menu items make up the same inventory (i.e. 'Corona Bottle' and 'Happy Hour Corona Bottle'), check 'Uses the same inventory as another item, and select the item it shares with. See here for additional details on inventory management.
    • Which Station Fulfills This Item?: Select which station or stations you would like the item to be fulfilled at by checking the boxes next to the appropriate station(s). See here for more information on fulfillment stations.
    • Where Will This Item Print?: Choose whether you would like the item to print at the printer(s) associated with the selected station(s), specific printers, or to not print at all.
    • Add Menu Tags: display next to the item on the ordering site to quickly convey useful information. These can also be leveraged to set up checkout limitations.
    • Skips Ahead in Line By: Set the item to skip ahead in line. For example, when set to 10 minutes, the terminal will prioritize the item as if it had been ordered 10 minutes earlier. This can be used to serve easier items first.
    • Special Instructions: Checking this box will allow guests to enter their notes or special requests.

You can also add multiple items at once by importing a CSV menu. To upload a new CSV menu, click the up arrow and select the CSV file you'd like to upload.

When creating a catering menu item, make certain to create appropriate modifiers and modifier groups for large quantities

If guests are placing orders for large quantities of items (more than 99) then these types of items must be configured as packages of a certain quantity of items through the use of modifiers and modifier groups

  • For Example - 
    • Modifier Group: Quantity
    • Modifiers: 10, 25, 50, 100

If a guest tries to order more than 99 of an individual item (for instance, 99 individual tacos), they will encounter an error.

You can also edit menus one at a time or edit multiple items at once by checking the box next to each item or clicking 'Select All' after checking the box. After selecting the items to edit, click the pencil icon to make changes to those items.

In the popup window, you can click on any headings to edit the settings for the selected menu items. After editing, click 'Save' to finalize the changes. 

For any questions or assistance with adding or editing menu items, please contact our Support Team at