Editing Locations - Menus

Follow these instructions to navigate the Bbot Owner Panel to edit your locations.

Menu Display configuration

The Menu Display configuration settings are used to determine how you would like your menus to be displayed on the mobile version of your online page.

  • Display Menus in Drop-Down Format: This format will allow your guests to use a drop-down menu to navigate your available menus
  • Display Menus Side-by-Side in Slide Format: This format will display all of your available menus at the top of the page and your guests will be able to navigate through them by sliding them from side to side.

Linked Menus

The 'Menu' is where you can select which menus are offered at the selected location you are editing. 

  • View the Name for each Menu
  • Slide the Toggle to Enable/Disable Menus on the selected Locations
  • The numbers next to each Menu show you how many locations codes currently have the Menu enabled.

For example, you could create a "Patio Menu" and then enable only that menu at the "Patio" location while doing the same for other areas of your venue with different menu offerings.