Adding Modifiers

Modifiers allow guests to customize their menu item selections with options that you predetermine in your Bbot owner panel. You can assign price points to modifiers, making them ideal for small upsells, such as adding cheese or a side of fries to a burger. 

Modifier selections can be set as required (i.e. choose a size) or optional (i.e. add extra sauce) based on the Modifier Group you house them under. Here, you can also set the maximum number of modifiers a guest can add to their menu item.

Adding Modifiers

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you can add new and edit modifiers by going to the 'Menus' page in the Owner Panel.

1. To add a new modifier, click on the blue plus sign on the top right. 

2. Choose the modifier type (food or drink). 

3. Choose the group this modifier should be housed under, the name of the modifier, and how much this modifier costs (for a free modifier you must enter '0' for price; price cannot be left blank). 

4. Click Save. 

5. Next, add the modifier to a menu item by clicking the Menu Item tab and selecting the item to which you'd like to add the modifier. Check the 'Allow Modifiers' box, and modifier options will appear.

6. Select the modifier(s) you'd like to add to the item, and then hit 'Save'.

Nested Modifiers

Nested modifiers take customization to the next level. For example, you may want guests to be able to add cheese to their burger, and for guests that do decide to add cheese, you'd like to offer them Provolone or Cheddar. In this example, you would add a 'Cheese' modifier to your burger and then add 'Provolone' and 'Cheddar' modifiers to your 'Cheese' modifier.

1. Create the desired nested modifier option(s) following the steps outlined above for creating modifiers.

2. Add nested modifiers to existing modifiers by selecting the modifier under the 'Modifiers' tab. You will be brought to a pop-up box to edit the modifier. Select 'Allow Modifiers' in the bottom right corner.

3. Select the modifiers or modifier group you would like to add. You can choose one single modifier or 'toggle all' to add a modifier group. When you have made your selections, click 'Save'. 

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