Inventory Management

Inventory management allows you to set the number of menu items that are currently in stock so that you can prevent over-selling of a limited quantity item in your menu.

You can edit these settings per item in the Owner Panel under the “Menu Items” tab in your Menus.

First, open the Edit Menu Item screen by clicking on the item you would like to set a quantity to.

Under section “4. Fulfillment”, you will find a “Quantity” field, along with the “In Stock” checkbox. To set the initial quantity for your inventory counts, you would need to enter the amount and select 'Set Quantity' for the initial amount or 'Add Stock' to the current inventory amount. Once you've entered the inventory amount, click save.

You can also subtract the amount of available inventory or set the quantity of the item in the 'Current Amount' dropdown, as shown in the screenshot below. 

If you select 'Uses The Same Inventory As Item...' it will countdown both items together. 

For example, if the Steak Salad and the Ribeye use the same inventory, with the quantity set at five, when a guest tries to order four Steak Salads for themselves and two Ribeyes for their friend, they will be unable to check out. If they instead order two Steak Salads, the inventory count for both the Steak Salad and the Ribeye will display as three in the Owner Panel.

You can also bulk edit items and set them all on the same inventory amount. You’ll need to select the ‘Quantity’ button and then either add, subtract or set an inventory count on all items or you can also mark all items in or out of stock.

If you want to take a menu item off the menu page but keep tracking the inventory, you should disable the menu item instead of marking it out of stock.

When you click “Save”, the change you made to the quantity should apply immediately to the item on your ordering page. If you set the quantity for an item to 10 or under, a message will display under the item 'Only A Few Left!' to indicate a low number of that item. If an item quantity hits 0, it will automatically be set to 'Out Of Stock' and display as hidden or unavailable, based on the visibility rules in your Menu Settings.

Now that the desired item quantity is set, when your guests attempt to order a higher quantity than is available, a message will appear at checkout letting them know that the items in the cart could not be fulfilled due to stock levels.