Importing/Exporting a CSV Menu

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you have the ability to create new menus. All of our menus are in CSV file format.

1. To set up a new menu, click on 'Menus' from the homepage. Click on the blue plus sign on the top right. 

2. If you want to make changes to an old menu, click the down arrow under 'Actions' and download the CSV. You can open a CSV file using any spreadsheet editor. We recommend Google Sheets.

3. After making your edits, save the spreadsheet as a CSV. If you're using Excel or Numbers, choose (File -- Export to -- CSV). If you're using Google Sheets, choose Download / Comma-Separate Values (CSV). Then, in the Bbot owner portal, click the up arrow under 'Actions' and upload your CSV file.

4. Drag and drop the CSV file or click on 'Select Files to Upload' and navigate to the CSV file.

5. You can choose 'Delete Existing Items From Menu' if you'd like to completely replace the menu with the contents of your CSV file. Otherwise, the contents of your CSV file will be added to the items already in the menu. 

Note: If you exported the CSV from an existing Bbot menu, you'll notice a "BBOT ID" column. This identifies existing menu items in the Bbot system. These existing items will be updated to match the name, price, etc that you specify in the CSV. (Items on the CSV that have no "BBOT ID" will be added as new menu items.)

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