Master Menu Sync

The Master Menu Sync feature allows you to use a master account to establish uniformity of a menu across multiple accounts. If you are using a corporate-made menu, it can be created and edited in a single account and the changes can then be distributed across all restaurants. 

Each individual restaurant will pull the source menu from the master account, however, it does not create a new copy of that menu. To configure the menu sync, you will need to enable it under each child account under 'Account Settings' and select the parent account that it should be synced from.

To access the Master Menu Sync, navigate to the Owner Panel under the child account you would like to configure it for and then to 'Account Settings' under the 'Restaurant Setup' heading.

From there, scroll down to the 'Sync from Master Account' section where you will see the button labeled 'Configure Sync' button. When you click on the button, you'll be presented with a popup menu where you will need to select the master account you'd like to sync from and what information you would like to sync.

  • Menu Items - All menu items and menus will be copied over to the account from the master account.
  • Menu Hours - All current menu availability will be updated based on the hours for the master menu.
  • Employees - Any current employees added under the Employee Settings will be added including their current permissions level and any report subscriptions.
  • Banner Image & Icons - Images and icons that have been added for the ordering page will be added and will be displayed on the accounts ordering page. 
  • Messages to Guests - Guest Notification Sets that are currently configured under the master account will be added and will be displayed to guests.
  • Minimum Order Settings - Restrictions in place for guests trying to checkout without the minimum order amount will be added under the Account Wide Order Settings.
  • Promotions - Current promotion codes that have been added under the master account will be added under the Promo and Discount Codes.
  • Delivery Charge - Service Charges that have been added for the Delivery fulfillment method will be added under the Service Charges settings.

Once you've selected the account you'd like to sync from and the fields to sync, click the submit button to save your settings and you will see a green checkmark next to 'Configured'. By clicking the 'Settings' button, you are able to change any of the items that are synced from the master menu as well.

Once the menu sync has been configured, the master menu should sync every 5 minutes automatically. If any updates are made to the master menu items or any of the other items are updated, you will want to perform a manual sync which can be completed by navigating to the Menu settings and clicking the 'Check Master Menu Sync' button. This will display a popup window that will indicate if the sync was successful and you are also able to perform a sync by clicking the 'Sync Now' button.

For any questions or help with configuring the Master Menu Sync, please reach out to our support team at

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