Creating Promo/Discount Codes

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you have the ability to create codes that your guests and employees can use to apply discounts to their orders. There are three different types of Promo/Discount Codes - New Customer Discounts, User/Employee Discounts, and Promo Codes.

To get started setting up a Promo or Discount Code, navigate to the 'Promos + Discounts' section of your Bbot Owner Panel via the Navigation Panel. Here, you will see a tab for each type of Promo/Discount Code.

Please see the descriptions below for each type of code. Once you've determined the type of code you would like to add, simply click its tab, then click the blue 'plus sign' circle as shown above, and fill in the fields for your new code.

New Customer Discounts are to incentivize new business and are specifically for new guests. You may choose to offer a percent or a fixed amount discount. The new customer is identified by their email address, so they will need to be logged into their Bbot Account in order for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout. Should you choose to create a New Customer Discount, you will only want to have one active at a time. Adding more than one New Customer Discount can cause issues at checkout or unintendedly steep discounts, as the system will attempt to automatically apply all of them to a given order.

User/Employee Discounts are intended for staff usage. These are also specific to email addresses, so staff will need to be signed into a Bbot Account with the email address that is associated with a given User/Employee Discount in order for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout. You can add more than one discount of this type, however, you will only want a given employee to be associated with a single User/Employee Discount. 

For example, you may want to give staff 15% off and managers 20% off. In this case, you would create two separate discounts in this section, one for 15% for which you would list your staff's email addresses and another for 20% for which you would list your managers' email addresses. You would not want an email address to appear on both lists, or both discounts will automatically apply at checkout.

Promo Codes are unique codes that you create for your guests to enter at checkout. Promo codes are not specific to email addresses, so guests do not need to be signed into a Bbot Account to take advantage of a Promo Code. Unlike the other two discounts, Promo Codes are not automatically applied at checkout; instead, they need to be manually entered into the 'Promo Code' field at checkout to be applied to the order. 

You can create an infinite amount of Promo Codes. For each, you may choose to offer a percent or a fixed amount discount, set a required minimum purchase amount (pre-tax, -fees, and -tips), as well as limit total uses, uses per guest, and/or valid date ranges.

For information on your options if a guest forgets to enter their Promo Code, please see this article.

*If you have a Toast integration, you will first need to add a corresponding Discount in Toast before creating the desired Promo Code in Bbot. To configure the Discount in Toast, please follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to your Toast back-end and select 'Discounts' under the 'Payments' tab

2. Select '+ Add a Discount'

3. Make sure the name of the discount starts with 'Bbot'. Select either 'Fixed $ Off' or 'Fixed % Off' based on the type of Promo Code that will be created in Bbot. The 'Value' should match that of the Bbot Promo Code.

3. Select Applies to 'Entire Check'

4. Leave the rest of the settings at default (Do not set any conditions for the Toast Discount; the conditions of the discount will be set in the Bbot Owner Portal) 

5. When finished, select 'Save' in the top right corner

6. You will receive the following message after saving. Select, 'Publish Now' to publish

7. To confirm you have published your Toast Discount, you will receive the following message

Once you've configured your Toast Discount, you will now be able to create the Promo Code in Bbot. 

If you receive an error when attempting to create the Promo Code in Bbot, please ensure that your Toast Discount is configured properly per the above steps. 

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