Account-wide Order Settings

To adust your Account-wide Order Settings, log-in to the owner panel and click the 'Account Settings' tab from the sidebar. 

Scroll down to 'Account-wide Order Settings' to adjust the following settings:

'Minimum cart amount for paid orders' - Rejects orders that are non-free but where the total of the cart items (before tax, tip, discounts, and delivery charge) is below this amount. Displays the error 'Minimum charge is &x

''Allow free orders' - If the menu has $0 items such as water, enabling this setting allows those items to be ordered by themselves.

'Allow free order after a paid order' Enabling this allows a guest to place up to 5 orders of $0, within 4 hours of buying something. 

To save these settings, click 'SAVE CART PROPERTIES'

For questions about adjusting the Account Settings, please contact our support team at

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