Terminal - Stations Screen

The Stations view on the Terminal is where you can see an overview of your Fulfillment Stations, their connectivity, and order information for each.

At the top left of the screen, you'll see 'Closed Orders' and 'Snoozed Orders'. These will filter which type of orders are shown on the stations.

  • Closed Orders: Orders that have been closed on each station
  • Snoozed Orders: Orders that are waiting to be made at a later time

From the main Stations page, you can see more information about each individual station including:

  • Station Name: Top gray bar.
  • # Orders at Station & Fulfillment Status: Center, icons vary based on status.
  • Availability: The PC icon in the bottom left corner will show blue when accepting orders.
  • Connectivity: The play icon in the bottom right will show green when the station is online.

Clicking on a Station will open up Current Orders that are being fulfilled at that Station.

From here you can move complete orders or individual menu Items through the fulfillment process.

You also have the option to ‘Claim’ one or more selected menu Items to know let other staff members know it is being taken care of.

You can also edit the order details from this screen as well clicking on the blue pencil icon.

You will then be able to add a note to the order or to the individual items, change the desired time, change the table or location, or assign the order to another server.

For questions or help with configuring the Stations screen, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.