Editing an Order in the Terminal

Certain information about an order can be retroactively edited by staff. This is particularly useful for cases in which the guest requests a change to their order, desired fulfillment time, or changes locations after the order is placed.

How to Edit an Order

Orders can be edited from either the Locations Screen or the KDS Screen.

  • Locations Screen: Select the Location that contains the order you would like to edit, then click the pencil icon associated with that order.

  • KDS Screen: Click on the order you would like to edit to open up the order actions screen. Then click the 'Edit' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

What you can Edit

After clicking on an order's 'Edit' button from either the Locations Screen or the KDS Screen, you will be able to edit the following aspects of the order: 

  • Staff Notes
  • Special Instructions
  • Order Date/Time
  • Table/Location.

  • Staff Notes: This is particularly useful for any notes that will apply to the full order and have not been rung into the ticket by the guest. For example, if a guest warns you of a food allergy, requests extra napkins for a to-go order, or is a VIP, you can manually mark these notes here. Staff notes only print to the ticket, not the receipt, so they will not be visible to guests.
  • Special Instructions: Special instructions are specific to individual items on the order. To add or edit special instructions for an item, click the pencil icon next to the item's name and enter your instructions into the text input that appears below.

  • Order Date/Time: This option allows you to change the 'desired time' for the fulfillment of an order. Changing the desired time of an order will pull up a date and time editor widget, as shown below.
    • The option to change an order's desired time may not always be available
    • An 'ASAP' order can only be changed to a future order if all of the order's items come from menus that allow ordering ahead
    • The order date/time also cannot be changed if a delivery request has already been triggered and the order has been moved to the "Closed Orders" tab in the KDS.

  • Table/Location: This option will pull up a drop-down menu of all your available locations that you may choose from. You may want to change the table/location if a guest orders from a certain location and moves to another. This can also be used when a guest orders pickup and later decides they prefer the order be delivered, or vice versa.

After all desired edits have been made, click the "Save" button to finalize. All edits will be visible on the order as displayed in the Locations and KDS screens

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