Editing an Order in the Terminal

Certain information about an order can be retroactively edited by staff which can be useful when the guest requests a change to their order, desired fulfillment time, or changes locations after the order is placed.

To edit an order in the Locations screen, click on the Locations button at the bottom of the terminal.

In the Locations screen, tap on the location with the order you would like to edit.

Under 'Current Orders', tap the pencil icon on the order you want to edit.

To edit an order in the KDS, click on the top of the order you would like to edit to open up the actions screen. 

In the popup window, click the edit button.

After clicking on an order's 'Edit' button from the Locations or KDS Screen, you can edit the information below on the order.

  • Staff Notes: This will add a note to the order at the bottom of the ticket. For example, if a guest warns you of a food allergy, staff notes will be visible on the order details and the KDS ticket but will not print on the receipt nor be visible to the guest.
  • Special Instructions: If an item has already been ordered, special instructions can still be added to the item for necessary customization.
  • Order Date/Time: This option allows you to change the 'desired time' on an order. 
    • The option to change an order's desired time may not always be available
    • An 'ASAP' order can only be changed to a future order if all of the order's items come from menus that allow ordering ahead
    • The order date/time also cannot be changed if a delivery request has already been triggered and the order has been moved to the "Recently Fulfilled" tab in the KDS
    • To change the order date, click on the calendar icon, select the new date for the order, and click 'Ok'.
    • To change the order time, click on the clock icon on the right of the popup window, click the clock icon next to the time of the order, and then select the new desired time. After selecting the new time, click 'Ok' to finalize it.
  • Table/Location: This will pull up a drop-down menu of all your available locations that you may choose from. If guests order from a certain location and move to another or originally order a takeout order but want it delivered instead, you can select the new location to update the order. 
  • Server: This option can assign an order to a specific server. The server that takes the order will be automatically assigned to the order. The server that has the order assigned to them will also have the tip for that order, which they can review on the Tips Screen.

After updating the order, click the "Save" button to finalize, and all edits will be visible in the order as displayed in the Locations and KDS screen.

For questions or help with updating an order, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.