Terminal - Order Control Screen

The Terminal Order Control Screen allows you to make changes to your Allowed Ordering, Allowed Locations, and Allowed Fulfillment Methods associated with this Station.

Allow Ordering

This allows you to effectively turn your Terminal On and Off manually. When set to 'Auto (Determined by Schedule),' your Terminal will default to the Prep Station Availability and Menu Settings you have set in the Owner Panel. If you set this to 'On' or 'Off', it will override these settings. This setting is particularly useful in the case of an emergency if you need to quickly suspend service.

Please note that 'Force On' and 'Force Off' do not automatically reset to 'Auto,' so if your team uses these settings normally, it is important to monitor the Allow Ordering settings to make sure your Menu Availability is reflected as intended. If you would like this setting to automatically reset to 'Auto' nightly, please contact support@bbot.menu.

*'Force Off' will disable ordering at this station and make it so customers cannot order. Please make sure this is set back to 'Auto' before continuing with orders to ensure functionality!

Allowed Locations

This feature allows you to control which Location Codes you are receiving orders from. To turn ordering on or off for a specific Location Code, simply toggle the control for that Location.

Fulfillment Methods

This gives you the ability to quickly turn off certain Fulfillment Methods as needed by toggling the controls on the right

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