Terminal - Order Control Screen

The Terminal Order Control Screen allows you to change your Allowed Ordering, Allowed Locations, and Allowed Fulfillment Methods associated with this Station. To access 

Allow Ordering

Your Terminal will default to the Prep Station Availability and Menu Settings you have configured in the Owner Panel. After tapping on 'Allow Ordering', you will be given six options.

  • 'Force On': Will force ordering on for this prep station within the hours configured in the Menu Settings.
  • 'Determined by schedule': Will set order according to the prep station availability times and menu hours configured.
  • 'Force Off': Will disable ordering at this fulfillment station and make it so customers cannot place orders
    • Forcing ordering on or off will enable or disable guests' ability to place an order within the hours you've set in your Menu Settings. If ordering is enabled outside of the menu hours you've entered, guests will not be able to place orders if it is outside of your menu hours.
    • Once 'Force Off' has been enabled, ordering will stay off until manually reset to 'Force On' or 'Auto'. If you would like this setting to reset to 'Auto' automatically, please contact support@bbot.menu.
  • Pause Ordering for 5, 10, or 15 Minutes
    • Once you’ve selected one of the options to pause ordering, a banner will appear on the terminal with the following text ‘Ordering Paused. Will resume at [time in local time]' and should disappear after that time. If you pause for 10 minutes at 9 am, it will turn back on at 9:10 am. If, at 9:05 am you click ‘Pause Ordering for 10 minutes’ again and the order will turn back on at 9:15 am.
    • If you wish to change the status back to normal when paused, simply click ‘Force On’, ‘Auto (Determined by Schedule)’, or ‘Force Off’.
    • If ordering is paused, guests will see a message advising 'We are experiencing a high volume of orders and some items may be temporarily unavailable.' All menu items set to be fulfilled at this station will be unavailable until ordering resumes.

*Note* there are no employee-level permission restrictions for forcing ordering on or off and pausing orders. It can be performed by manager, server, and owner-level employees.

Allowed Locations

This allows you to control which Location Codes you are receiving orders from. To turn orders on or off for a specific Location Code, simply toggle the control for that Location.

Fulfillment Methods

This gives you the ability to quickly turn off certain Fulfillment Methods as needed by toggling the controls on the right

Menu Settings

If you would like to turn a menu on or off, you can click on the menu you would like to adjust.

After clicking on the menu, you can click 'Force On', 'Auto (Determined by Schedule)', or 'Force off'.  

For questions about the Order Control screen or help with configuring settings, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.