Setting Prep Station Availability

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you can adjust your 'Prep Station Availability', which determines when the Bbot tablet will be on. 

1. From the 'Bbot Owner Panel', click on 'Available Hours + Menu Settings'.

2. 'Prep Station Availability' is connected to a tablet. In this case, the customer has the Bbot tablet in the Lounge Bar. Change the prep station availability that is connected to the Test Kitchen tablet. If you have multiple Bbot stations with tablets, you will need to do the below per tablet. 

Instructions and Examples
  • Use commas to add additional ranges during the day.
  • Use dashes between two times with the first number being the start time and the second number being the end time for that range.
  • Use AM and PM with no punctuations.
  • Type CLOSED if CLOSED a day of the week.
3. Click save per Bbot station. 
These settings can be overridden in the Bbot Owner Panel. Whatever is set here will be the default hours of operation for your business. Questions? Text Bbot support at (415) 855-2268 or email