DoorDash Drive Integration

To connect your existing Bbot account to DoorDash Drive or set up a new Bbot Online Delivery account powered by DoorDash Drive, you do not need to establish a direct relationship with DoorDash. Bbot has a single DoorDash Drive account through which all orders are routed; all you need to do is enable the integration in the Bbot App Store, no account required!

DoorDash Drive Integration Features

  • Manually Cancel Orders: For more information on canceling a Door Dash order, please see the article on managing DoorDash Drive delivery drivers.
  • Automatically Call Driver: A delivery driver will automatically be called once an order is submitted based on the settings described in the setup directions that follow. For 'Order Ahead' delivery orders, the driver will be called to arrive at the start of the desired time block of the order.
  • Order Status & Tracking: The guest will be provided with the current status of their order on the checkout page as their order is updated in the KDS. Once the order has been picked up by the driver and is marked as 'With Driver' on the KDS, DoorDash Drive will send the guest a text message with a tracker link so they can continue to track their order.
  • Withholding Fees: Bbot will automatically withhold the delivery fees associated with the order and transfer the funds directly to DoorDash Drive. Please see here for detailed pricing information on DoorDash Drive delivery fees.
  • Address Confirmation: DoorDash Drive's technology will confirm that the address is deliverable before accepting the order.
  • Instructions for DoorDash Driver: Set specific instructions that are sent to DoorDash drivers when they are called to pick up orders at your venue, such as where to collect the order.

Setting Up Your DoorDash Drive Integration

Prior to configuring your integration with DoorDash Drive, you will need to complete the following steps:

1) If you have not done so already, ensure you've added your support phone number and email under 'Delivery Settings' in 'Account Settings.' This will be visible to guests and DoorDash Drive. 

2) You'll also need to have configured at least one Location Code to have a 'Driver Delivery' or 'Delivery or Carryout Choice' Fulfillment Method. While here, you can also familiarize yourself with the different ways you can configure your Delivery Location settings.

3) Set up your DoorDash Drive integration by navigating to the 'Bbot App Store' from the Owner Panel. Then, you can either search for "DoorDash" or use the drop-down menu to see the Delivery integration options.

4) Select 'Connect DoorDash.' A popup modal will open where you'll be asked for the following information.

  • 'Withhold DoorDash Fees from payouts' refers to the delivery fee and tips that are withheld from each order that is processed through Bbot and delivered via DoorDash. You can opt to have DDD withholdings from vendors charged directly to the parent account instead of the child accounts for food hall setups. This must always be enabled. 
  • 'Should orders from this account be delivered together with orders from other accounts?' - You can select this option if you're a vendor in a multi-vendor setup and wish to have orders delivered alongside those from other accounts from which the guest has ordered.
  • 'Minutes before Dasher comes for pickup' - This setting adjusts the lead time from when an order is received and when the DoorDash driver is scheduled to pick up the order with the default being 25 minutes.
  • 'Pickup instructions for DoorDash driver' - This allows you to specific pickup instructions to the DoorDash drivers, such as where to wait while the order is being prepared or where to go within the restaurant to collect the order once it is ready. For multi-vendor delivery, the Delivery Group owner's pickup instructions will display. Pickup instructions will be sent directly to the DoorDash driver on their mobile device and will appear as shown below. 
  • Should Doordash send SMS updates to guests? - This feature will allow guests to receive order update text messages directly from the Doordash system. This way the guest can stay better informed on when the driver has picked up their order and when they can expect the delivery to arrive. 
    • In order for the guest to utilize this functionality they will need to enter their phone number on the post checkout screen in the box shown below. 
    • Once they have entered their number they will receive a text message similar to the one shown below.
    • When they click the link in the text message they will be directed to an order tracking page which allows them to view the status of their delivery in real time.
  • Are you using Doordash LOF (Large Order Fulfillment)? - This feature will allow you to have orders that are placed at specific Bbot location codes to be fulfilled by Dorrdash's LOF. This is especially useful for catering orders. You will need to provide your Doordash LOF Business Name (Provided by Doordash) and you will need to select the Bbot location codes that will be fulfilled by Doordash's LOF fulfillment service.

5) Click 'Submit' and you are ready to accept DoorDash Drive delivery orders!

*Please note that this will be a new instance if you have a past DoorDash Drive account and your previous account cannot be linked.

DoorDash Drive Canada

Bbot also supports DoorDash Drive services in Canada. The pricing is a flat fee of $9.50 plus tax which varies based on the province the merchant is located in.

Due to Stripe restrictions on non-US accounts, refunds are impossible when canceling an order. It's imperative to keep inventory up to date and avoid other circumstances leading to an order needing to be canceled. Bbot is also unable to issue manual refunds. 

You can find the terms of service for Door Dash Drive in Canada here.

DoorDash Drive Orders

Your Doordash integration will automatically allow guests to input 'Additional Delivery Instructions' at checkout. This will ensure that your guests can communicate specific instructions to the Dasher.

DoorDash Drive portals

Once Your Doordash Drive integration has been connected pleas contact DoorDash at to gain access to your DoorDash Drive portal. You will need to specify:

  • The name of the restaurant
  • Store addresses
  • An email address not currently used to access another DoorDash Portal account such as the Marketplace Merchant Portal. If you are unsure if an email is tied to another DoorDash account, please still provide one and the DoorDash support team will let you know if we need an additional email address.

You will then be sent an email asking you to set up your DoorDash Drive Portal password. Please refer to this page for more information on the DoorDash Drive Portal.

For questions or assistance with configuring the DoorDash Drive integration, please contact our Support Team at