DoorDash Drive Pricing

Bbot will automatically withhold the delivery fees and tips associated with DoorDash Drive orders and transfer the funds directly to DoorDash Drive. The standard fee withheld is $7.25, however, there are special fees for certain territories.

DoorDash Fee Schedule

  • Standard: $7.25
  • Brooklyn & Manhattan: $5.24
  • California: $9.25
  • Canada: $9.50 + provincial taxes
  • Custom Rates: Customers are able to negotiate custom pricing rates with DoorDash however Bbot is not involved in the discussion. For example, the customer can negotiate a $5.00 rate and Bbot will then be charged the custom rate plus either the standard rate or the location-specific rate plus .25 cents. 

* For more information on the DoorDash Drive integration, please see here.

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