Transaction Details Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder & Using the Options

The Transaction Detail Report shows each order and associated guest information. At food halls, the same information is available on the Vendor Transaction Report. (Note: this report isn't always enabled. If this report does not show in your Report Builder, it can be added by request to

The Transaction Detail report shows the following information:

Date - Calendar date and time the 'order number' was submitted. 

Desired Time - This will show the date and time of any ASAP orders as well as all future orders with the desired time in that time range selected. 

Future or ASAP - This will show whether an order was placed as either a future or ASAP order for the specific range selected.

Location - The code attached to the 'order number' on the 'order date' signifying which ‘Tables / Location Codes’ the order was placed from.  Please see Location Codes for more information.

Station - The Station listed is the Fulfillment Station where the order was fulfilled

Tab id - Bbot number associated with a party tab. This is a unique identifier for a specific party tab in Bbot. 

Checkout id - Bbot number associated with the ‘order numbers’ on the ‘order date’.  This uniquely identifies a specific order in Bbot. (Because the guest-facing Order Numbers wrap around and repeat after Order 999.) The order id can be used to search for the order in other reports

Order id - The unique order identifier for customers currently integrated with Toast which allows you to map individual Bbot orders to their counterparts in Toast reporting without having to create unique identifiers for each order.

Order number - Number associated with the guest's order on the 'order date'.

User id - Bbot number associated with the guest or device the guest used when placing the 'order number' on the 'order date'. 

User signed in - Denoted with a '1' or '0.' '1' if the user has an account with a username and password and '0' if the guest ordered without signing in.

Guest account name - The name the patron entered at checkout when submitting the 'order number' on the 'order date'

Guest Phone - The phone number associated with the guest account that placed the order.

Guest Email - The email address associated with the guest account that placed the order. 

Name - The name entered in the checkout page when the order is placed. 

Reconfirm Table - The table number associated with the location code that the order was placed under.

Consent to special offers - This indicates whether the guest has opted in to marketing emails from the customer. If the field indicates 1 the guest has opted in and if 0 they have not.

Fulfillment method - How the 'order number' on the 'order date' is completed/delivered.  

Please see fulfillment method for more detailed information on fulfillment methods.

Delivery address - The address entered by the guest for the 'order number' on the 'order date' to be used for delivery.

Num items - Total number of items applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Num refunded - Total number of items refunded for the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Promotions - Name of the promotion code applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date' if applicable.

Service fee pretax - Total dollar amount of any 'Service Charges' before tax, applicable for the ‘order number’ on the ‘order date’.

Promos Total - The total dollar amount taken off the total bill resulting from the promotion code applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Promos Used - Name of the promotion code, guest-facing promo name, and the discounted amount applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date' if applicable.

Items pretax - Total dollar amount of all items sold before tax for the ‘order number’ on the ‘order date’.

Tax - Total dollar amount of tax applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Tip - Total dollar amount of tip applied to the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Total - Total dollar amount after tax of the 'order number' on the 'order date'.

Card Details - The type and last four digits of the card used for payment

Doordash Adjustments - This will include any fees or tips that are refunded for any Doordash fees or tips that are withheld for the order. When that amount is refunded, it is given back to whoever the money was taken from.

Bbot and processing fees - Total dollar amount of fees applicable to the ‘order number’ on the ‘order date’ which may include Bbot, third party delivery, or any other third party service fees. 

Bank transfer after fees - Total dollar amount for the ‘order number’ on the 'order date’ that will be transferred to the venue's bank account through Stripe.

Items - Lists the menu items ordered for the 'order number' on the 'order date'

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