Refund an Order on Terminal

**Please Note: If you use Toast integration, you will need to refund inside of Toast to ensure reporting matches up properly. You may also reference this article on how to refund a customer from the Owner Panel if needed. 

To edit or refund orders from the Terminal you must first find the order by viewing recent orders. On the left-hand side, you will see the Order Number and Location Code and any additional checkout information. You will also see the total charge, time of the order, and fulfillment time.

Select the items or the order that you would like to refund (your selection will appear highlighted in blue) and then select the 'Refund" button in the bottom left of the screen.

This will open a pop-up window containing the selected item(s), where you will see two different options for issuing the refund. 

By Item

If you select 'By Item,' the full amount of the selected item(s) will be refunded. Please keep in mind that refunding 'By Item' will include the sale price of the item, the tax, and a pro-rated portion of the tip. Any connected Service Fee and tax will also be fully refunded.  

By Amount

If you would prefer to instead issue a refund for a specific amount or percentage of the sale or tip, then navigate to the 'By Amount' tab. Here you can refund by a fixed amount or by a percentage by selecting from the drop-down menu and entering the amount of Sale or Tip you would like to refund. 

The 'Refund Reason' is a required field and will be used for the "Refund Reason Report". The refund reason can be selected from the dropdown menu.

If the reason for the refund is 'Out of Stock', you can 86 the item in Bbot. 

After selecting the items and the reason for the refund, you will be prompted to enter your 4-digit pin. Only Manager or Owner permission levels will be able to complete the refund.

For questions about refunds or assistance with processing a refund, please contact our Support Team at