How to Refund a Guest

You can refund some or all items of a guest's order via the Bbot Owner Panel or your Bbot Terminal. To get started issuing a refund via the Bbot Owner Panel, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to the Owner Panel and navigate to the 'Past Orders (receipts/refunds)' page.

2. View recent orders by clicking the 'Go' button, or filter using the available fields to narrow down your search results. 

  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Card Expiration Month
  • Card Expiration Year
  • Order Number
  • Days In Past (set to 7 days by default)
  • Location Code
  • Phone

Note: If you get zero results, leave out some of the additional filter details. Guests may have provided incorrect credit card information, so it's best to utilize the provided date and dollar amount first. Sometimes less is more!

3. Once you've found the order, click on it to open up an actions screen that displays the options to 'Email Receipt' or 'Issue Refunds'. Select the 'Issue Refunds' button.

4. Select whether you would like to issue the refund 'BY ITEM' or 'BY AMOUNT'.

  • BY ITEM: Select the items you want to refund by checking the boxes next to the item(s). Once you've identified the item(s) to be refunded, click 'REFUND ITEMS' at the bottom of the popup. This automatically refunds the proportional tax and tip amount on selected items.

  • BY AMOUNT: Select the item(s) you want to refund the amount against. Once you've selected the item(s), you can select whether you will be refunding a fixed amount or a percentage by using the 'FIXED AMT' or '%' option, as well as how much will be refunded against the sale and against the tip. Then, click 'REFUND ITEMS' at the bottom of the popup. Taxes are proportionally refunded by default. If you would like to refund the tip, solely, please be aware that all items must be selected to refund the total tip.

Marking Tax Exempt 

  • Marking as Tax Exempt also constitutes a refund. This function will refund the tax from the check. Be careful not to press this button when trying to apply other kinds of refunds because this refund is not reversible. If you intend to apply a refund after the check has been Marked as Tax Exempt, you will still be able to apply the intended refund.

*Please note that once a refund is issued, it cannot be undone!

**If you use Toast integration, you will need to refund inside of Toast as well so the reporting syncs up properly.

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