How to Refund a Guest

In the Bbot Owner panel, you have the ability to refund some or all items of a guest's order. 

**Please note that if you use Toast integration, you will need to refund inside of Toast as well so the reporting syncs up properly**

Navigate: Log in to the Owner Panel, open the menu on the left side of the screen, and click on 'Past Orders (receipts/refunds)'.
Select: 'Go' to view all recent orders.
Filter: Enter additional information about the order to narrow down the search results
Options: Order number, last four digits of the credit card, phone number.
Note: By default, it only searches during the last 30 days. To search farther back in time, change the "Days in Past" field to something like 999. 

Note: If you get zero results, leave out some of the additional filter details. Guests may have provided the incorrect credit card information, so it's best to utilize the provided date and dollar amount first.

Select: 'Issue Refunds' once you've found the correct order.

4. To Refund by Item: Select the items you want to refund. This automatically includes the proportional tax and tip.

Select: 'Close' when finished.


To Refund by Amount: Select the items you want to refund. Determine the Sales & Tip refund respectively by the amount or percentage. (Taxes are proportionally included by default.)

Select: 'Close' when finished.

*If you would like to refund the tip, solely, please be aware that all items must be selected to refund the total tip.

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