Viewing and Receiving an Order

To view and receive orders on your Bbot Terminal, log into the Bbot Terminal app or the Web Terminal and click on 'KDS' at the bottom of the screen.

When an order is received, it will appear on the KDS screen of the Terminal, and a chime sound will play, indicating a new order was received.

The order window will show the following information and options:

  1. Order number
  2. Location Code from which the order was placed
  3. Time since the order was placed
  4. Fulfillment Method
  5. Items
  6. Expected fulfillment time
  7. Next fulfillment step (actionable)
  8. Guest information that was entered on the checkout page

To advance the status of the order, tap the current status at the bottom of the order. Once an order has been fulfilled, it will move to the 'Recently Fulfilled' tab in the KDS. You can configure notifications to be sent to guests updating them on the status of their order as it's updated. These can be configured in the Guest Notification Sets section of your Bbot owner panel.

You can view additional order information by clicking the top of the ticket or in the guest information section of the ticket.

This will show an expanded view of the order with available actions listed at the bottom of the ticket.

You can select single or multiple menu items to move them throughout the fulfillment process without fulfilling the entire order. This is especially helpful if you want to course out an order by firing some items before others.

From here, you also can issue a refund, re-print the ticket, print a receipt for the guest, send a receipt via email or SMS text, or edit the order.

For any questions or assistance with viewing orders in the KDS, please get in touch with our Support Team at