Promo Codes with Toast Integration

For Toast-integrated accounts, you will need to add a corresponding Discount in Toast before creating a Promo Code in Bbot. The Discount in Toast must be configured to certain specifications to function correctly.

To set up your discount in Toast, log into Toast and navigate to Payments > Comps and promos > Discounts and promo codes. 

Click the 'Add a Discount' option to create a new promo code. 

  • Name of discount: Your discount must begin with the word 'Bbot'. Ideally, choose a name similar to what you will name your discount in the Bbot system. For example, in Toast, you may set up a discount called 'Bbot Test', and its counterpart in Bbot would be 'Test'.
  • Discount type:  All discounts should be set to 'Open $ Off'.
    • *Note*: If you are adding a promo code for use in a multi-vendor setting, you will need to add a promo code to each of the vendors participating in the promotion.
  • Applies To: This setting must be set to 'Entire Check'. Bbot is only able to apply discounts to the entire check and will not be able to sync with a Toast Promo that is not set to apply to the 'Entire Check'.
  • Promo Code: Do not enter a promo code name into this field; if a promo code is entered, it will not work in Bbot and will be shown invalid when a guest enters it at checkout.
  • All remaining settings: Do not adjust any additional settings and do not set any conditions for the Toast Discount; any conditions or limitations of the discount will be set under the Promo Code in the Bbot Owner Panel.

Once all the necessary fields have been completed, click the blue 'Save' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After saving, make sure to also publish your new Discount by clicking the 'Publish Now' link at the top of the screen.

Afterward, you can create and link the promo code within Bbot

For questions about creating or configuring promo codes in Toast, please get in touch with our Support Team at