How to Set up User/Employee Discounts

You may want to allow employees or VIP guests to access a special discount. To do this, you’ll need to tie that discount to their email address, and they’ll need to use that email address when they log in and place their order on your Bbot menu site.

To set up an employee or VIP discount, follow these steps:

1. In the Owner Portal, select the 'Promos + Discounts' under the 'Restaurant Setup' section.

2. Click 'Add New Promo Or Discount'

3. Select 'Discount' and click 'Next'

4. Select 'Employees and Approved Guests' and click 'Next'

5. Enter a name for your discount; select whether the discount is for a Fixed Amount, Percentage, or Both; and click 'Next'

6. Check whether this discount should require a minimum purchase or if any limitations or expiration dates should apply to the discount and click 'Next'

7. Determine how you would like to specify which users the discount should apply to - by uploading a CSV, inviting individual guests by email, approving specific email domains and click 'Next'

8. If this discount is for a multi-vendor configuration, select which vendors the discount should apply to. If none, select 'This discount only applies to my checkouts' and click 'Save'

5. If you need to delete an employee discount, click the box to the left of the discount, and then click the 'Delete' on the top right.