Accounting & Transfers Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder and Using the Options

For more information on Stripe Transfers, please view this article on How Stripe Transfers Work.

This report can be refined by a date range by using the dropdown calendars or by typing the dates in.

For each Stripe transfer, the Accounting & Transfers report shows the below categories as well as any custom reporting categories you've created in your menu settings.

  • Accounting date
  • Beer sales
  • Food sales
  • Other sales
  • Wine sales
  • Net sales pretax
  • Service charges
  • Tax
  • Gross incl tax (gross sales including tax)
  • Total tips
  • Bbot and processing fees
  • Partner agreements
  • Card income after fees
  • Card disputes
  • Withholdings (delivery bills etc)
  • Doordash Adjustments
  • Final transfer
  • Transfer date
  • Transfer ID
  • ACH payout descriptor
  • ACH payout date

* The date range entered when selecting a timeframe for this report will yield results for corresponding Accounting Dates and ACH Payout Dates.

Accounting Date: Recognizes revenue at the date it was earned; the date the order was submitted and payment applied by the guest.Reporting Categories: A reporting category can be attached to each specific menu item.  The Accounting and Transfers report displays the pre-tax total dollar amount of the menu items sold on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date’ under each category that has been created.  Menu items not assigned to a reporting category will display under 'Other sales'. 

To create a reporting category, please see editing a single menu item.

Net sales pretax: Total pre-tax dollar amount of all menu items sold on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date’. This will be the sum of all sales for the 'Accounting Date' across all reporting categories. Service Charges: Total pre-tax dollar amount of all Service Charges applied to the fulfilled orders sold on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date.’ 

Tax: Total amount of tax applied to orders on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date.' The tax is applied to net sales plus the service fees pretax.

Gross incl tax: Total amount of ‘Net sales pretax’ + ‘Service fees pretax’ + Tax.Total tips: Total dollar amount of tips received for orders on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date’.Bbot and processing fees: Fees applied to orders on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date’ based on your contract agreement with Bbot. Partner agreements: Fees applied to orders on the corresponding ‘Accounting Date’ based on your contract with Bbot partners.Card income after fees: Total dollar amount of ‘Gross incl tax’ + ‘Total tips’ - ‘Bbot and processing fees’Card disputes: Total dollar amount debited or credited from a card dispute.  The debit or credit is shown on the day it happens, not the day of the original charge. Thus, debits/credits may appear on days when the merchant was closed.  For an explanation of how these amounts are applied, see How Does Bbot Handle Chargebacks. There are no edits to the original transaction amount of a chargeback.

Withholdings (delivery bills etc): Total dollar amount withheld from orders for delivery bills or any other applicable service.  Bbot pays the delivery charge and the tip amount at the time of delivery and withholds this amount at the time of transfer.  

Doordash Adjustments: This will include any fees or tips that are refunded for any Doordash fees or tips that are withheld for the order. When that amount is refunded, it is given back to whoever the money was taken from. 

Final transfer: Total dollar amount to be transferred to the establishment.  

‘Card income after fees’ + ‘Card disputes’ + ‘Withholdings (delivery bills etc)' = ‘Final transfer’

Transfer date: Date funds are transferred from Bbot to Stripe. For information on Stripe transfers please see How Stripe Transfers Work

Transfer ID: Identification number of the funds transferred.  Use this number to reconcile transfers in your Stripe dashboard. To reconcile Stripe transfers, see Reconciling Stripe Transfers

ACH Payout Descriptor: This is a unique identifier to help understand which specific amounts will be included in the Stripe transfer. This will also be displayed in the Stripe Dashboard next to the transferred amount. 

ACH Payout Date: This indicates the specific date that the funds were transferred via ACH from Bbot's Stripe account to the bank account linked in the Owner Panel

Refunded Transactions & The Accounting And Transfers Report: 

  • If a charge is refunded to a guest the same day that the transaction was completed, this charge will not be included in the accounting report under any reporting category, however, Bbot card processing fees will still be visible.
  • If a charge is refunded to a guest on the third day after the transaction was made, the refund will appear on the account report for the day that the original transaction was completed. The refund will, on the third day after the transaction was completed, appear on the accounting report as 'negative'.
  • The card processing fees for refunded orders will still show in the 'fees' column, however, the Bbot 'tithe' will not show as Bbot refunds the tithes for refunded orders.