Reconciling Stripe Transfers

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder & Using the Options.

Your Stripe Dashboard will provide you with a list of transfers from Bbot's Stripe account to the bank account linked in the account settings of your Owner Panel.

Reconciling Transfers to Transactions

To reconcile Stripe transfers, download the Accounting & Transfers report along with the Transfers Breakdown report; this can be found in the Reports/Sales section of the Owner Panel.

Below is an example of an Accounting & Transfers downloaded file. For this example, the current date is May 29th. Cells have been color-coded and summed in a corresponding color-coded cell on the right for example purposes.

The first two dates in the ‘Transfer Date’ column are May 5th. The amounts in the ‘Final Bank Transfer’ column are $18,798.67 + $14,675.73 = $33,474.40 as shown below in the same color.

This indicates that on May 24th, $33,474.40 was transferred and ultimately paid to the venue's account on May 25th as shown in the Stripe Dashboard below. 

Some transfers will include more than one day added together due to weekends and non-business days. 

Each amount shown paid in the Stripe Dashboard is reflected in the above Accounting and Transfers report up until May 28th, which is the last business day before the weekend. The pending amounts will be transferred on the next business day, June 1st.

All the amounts in the ‘Final bank transfer’ column with the corresponding ID The Bestaurant 6 in the ‘ACH Payout Descriptor' column summed together equal 33,474.40.

The 'ACH Payout Descriptor' column includes a unique identifier to help understand which amounts are included in the Stripe transfer. This corresponds to the amount shown in the Stripe Dashboard for the specific transfer.

The Transfers Breakdown report provides includes the same columns as the Accounting & Transfers report to easily identify which transactions are included in the Stripe transfer.

The screenshot below shows that the amount in the Final Transfer column with the ACH Payout Descriptor, The Bestaurant 6, matches the amount shown in the Accounting & Transfers report above.