Service Charges

Service Charges can be added to cover delivery fees, event fees, and other fees that are charged to your guests upon checkout. To edit Service Charges, you will need to Log-In to the Bbot Owner Panel.

Once logged in, navigate to the 'Account Settings tab

Once in 'Account Settings' scroll down until you find the 'Service Charge Settings'. To add a new Service Charge, click the blue "+" icon.

A pop-up box will appear with the options available to set up the new 'Service Charge'.

'Fee Name' allows you to set an internal-facing name for the 'Service Charge' you are creating

'Fee Name for Customer' allows you to set a customer-facing name for the 'Service Charge' you are creating. This will appear on the checkout screen as the guest places their order

'Fee Percent' allows you to set the 'Service Charge' as a percentage of the cart subtotal. This will apply only to the items in the cart, pre-tax and pre-tip. 

(Note: if you have promo codes/discounts applied, the service charge will be applied after the discount is applied)

'Fee Amount' allows you to set the 'Service Charge' as a fixed dollar amount regardless of the cart subtotal

'Use Default Tax Percentage' allows you to apply your default tax percentage to this 'Service Charge'. This is also set in 'Account Settings'. If you don't want to apply your default tax percentage to this 'Service Charge', you can de-select the box and manually enter the desired tax percentage, or if you don't want the 'Service Charge' to be taxed, simply enter '0'. 

'Fulfillment Methods' allows you to apply your 'Service Charge' to certain fulfillment methods by selecting them in this section. You may also use the 'TOGGLE ALL' button to apply your fee across all fulfillment methods. For example, If you would like to create a delivery service charge, you may only apply this service charge to 'Driver Delivery' and leave the other fulfillment methods de-selected. 
'Location Codes' allows you to select which location codes you would like your 'Service Charge' applied to.  When you select your 'Fulfillment Methods' in section 3, the available location codes associated with those fulfillment methods will automatically populate and become selectable. You may also use the 'TOGGLE ALL' button to apply your 'Service Charge' across all location codes.

'Who can edit this fee' allows admins to adjust whether this is visible to 'Owner' level employees through the Owner Panel

Note: If you are integrated with Toast, you must follow the steps outlined in 'Appendix C: Service Charges' of this article to properly link your Bbot 'Service Charges' with Toast 'Service Charges'

For Omnivore integrated customers, 

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