Logging into the Bbot Terminal

You can access your Terminal through the Bbot app on your Elo or Samsung tablet by selecting the app on your main screen. If you are not using a Bbot-issued device, you can access the Bbot web terminal by visiting https://terminal.bbot.menu/. To ensure the full functionality of the web terminal, we highly recommend using Chrome as your browser.

First, use your Owner Panel credentials to log in. If You have forgotten your password, contact Support@bbot.menu

Choose a Customer (if applicable). This option is only available to those who have login credentials for more than one Bbot account i.e. a chain with multiple locations.

Next, you will be brought to the Device Registration page. In the 'Device Name' field, enter a name for the device you are using to access the terminal.

Next, you will have to use the dropdown menu to select the device profile you would like to access. 

You will then be prompted to input your unique pin that was created for your Bbot account.

You can view and edit your pin in your Owner Panel in the Employees section. You are also able to create an Admin Pin if have Admin Credentials for the Owner Panel. This allows access to the terminal without needing to know each different employee's pin. Once you’ve entered your pin, you will be brought to the main page of your Terminal, the KDS Screen

For questions or assistance with logging into the terminal, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.