Bbot CSV Menus

All Bbot menus are stored as CSV (comma separated value) format files. This means that you can easily edit them as spreadsheets using programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

This article will cover the structure of Bbot CSV menus.
To import/export CSV menus see this article.

Bbot CSV menus have a row of headers which describes the contents of each column. If you are creating a CSV menu from scratch you will have to enter these headers in the first row.

Each row of your CSV represents a menu item or an item modifier.

**NOTE**: All items should have a unique name. Example: Wine listed for bottles and glasses should have "Glass" or "Bottle" in their name so the CSV upload knows it's two different items. Please do not input special characters into the CSV. Once an item is uploaded you can re-add special characters inside the Bbot Owner Panel.**

Menu items use the following columns:

  • The FOOD OR DRINK column is simply populated with "food" or "drink." This is useful for determining the fulfillment station for the item.
  • The CATEGORY column will determine which menu heading the item falls under. Use the same menu heading for multiple items (E.g. "Sandwiches") to organize all items of that type together.
  • The TITLE column is the name of the menu item. Both guests and the fulfillment station will see this name, so make sure it is guest-facing as well as descriptive enough for the kitchen/bar.
  • The PRICE column is how much the menu item will cost. Just enter numerical values here and do not include "$". You may only enter a price with up to two decimal places but do not need to include decimals if the price is a whole number.
  • In the DESCRIPTION column you can enter more detailed information about this item. Only guests will see this description. This field may be left blank, but we recommend always adding a description!
  • If you enter a 'y' in the MOST LOVED column this item will be highlighted at the top of its menu heading. This is useful for highlighting chef/staff favorites, popular items or promotional items. You may leave it blank if the item is not being highlighted.
  • REPORT CATEGORY is useful for grouping items into a category (E.g. "food", "beer", "liquor") for reporting purposes.
  • You may see a BBOT ID column - you can leave this blank or leave the values it already has (if you downloaded the CVS from the Owner Panel).
  • You may also see IMAGE (OPTIONAL) and SHOW IMAGE ON THE FRONT PAGE. These may be used if you wish to attach images to your menu items. An image may be copied directly into the IMAGE (OPTIONAL) field to display the image along with this item. If you enter a 'y' in SHOW IMAGE ON THE FRONT PAGE this image will appear next to the menu item as a guest scrolls through the menu. If left blank the image will only be visible in the item details when they tap on that item.

Item modifiers use the following columns:

  • The ADD-ON HEADING represents a category of options. You will use the same add-on heading for multiple modifiers to group the options into a selection. Add-on headings can be general (E.g. "Options" or "Additions") or more specific (E.g. "Dressing" or "Meat Temperature").
  • The NUM SELECTABLE IN THIS HEADING field allows you to specify how many options a guest can/must choose within each heading. You can specify an exact number (E.g. entering "3" will require your guests to choose exactly three selections in this heading) or a range (E.g. entering "0-2" will allow a guest to choose one selection, two, or none of the selections in this heading). If you end a range with "999" the guest will be able to select unlimited options within this heading. The number or range entered here must be the same for all modifiers with the same heading.
  • The ADD-ON NAME is the name of the particular option you are adding. This is what will print on the kitchen/bar ticket, so make sure it's descriptive!
  • ADD-ON PRICE specifies an additional charge associated with this option (in USD). If there is no additional charge, enter "0".
  • If you enter a "y" in the ADD-ON SELECTED BY DEFAULT field, this option will be selected automatically. A guest can then un-select it if they would like.

Modifiers must be entered below the item they modify.

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