Best Practices For Holiday Pre-Order Menus

Start by creating a new menu within Bbot by first clicking the plus sign, as shown in the screenshot below. Enter a unique menu name for your holiday menu to ensure it is easily recognizable on your ordering page. 

You will also need to enable 'future orders' for your holiday menu as well as selecting the 'Allowed Delivery/Pickup Times' for your menu.

You are also able to restrict ordering to specific holiday date ranges by selecting 'Restrict Available Dates' and entering a specific date range. This will only allow guests to order and/or schedule delivery and pickup times with the range you've entered. 
To have your holiday menu show separately from your regular menu, you will need to create a unique Location Code and include only your holiday menu. 

Under the 'Linked Menus' section, you will want to deselect your regular menus and make sure only your holiday menu is turned on. 

Once your location code is created, we can configure your menu page to display your holiday location code as a separate button on your Landing Page. 

To add the 'Holiday Menu' button, contact your Implementation Specialist or to assist you with this step.

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