Restricting Ordering & Fulfillment Dates

You may want to offer a special menu for certain holidays or occasions that are only fulfillable for a certain date or date range. For example, you may want to offer a St. Patrick's Day menu that is available for pre-orders but can only be picked up or delivered on March 17th.

You may also want to shut down all ordering and fulfillment on a given day of the year. For example, your business will be closed on the first of the year.

To accomplish either of these, you can restrict available dates for both ordering and/or fulfillment. There are two types of restrictions - 'Allow only these dates' and 'Restrict only these dates'. This can be configured in the 'Menu Settings' page of your Owner Panel. Once you navigate to the specific menu you're interested in, you can do the following: 

For ASAP menus:

  • Once you navigate to the menu in question, click on 'Edit when guests can place orders.' Next, click on 'By Schedule' 
  • From here you can check 'Restrict Available Dates' which will now allow you to set specific date range guests can order from the menu or choose a data range guests won't be able to order the menu from.
  • Once you've selected whether you'd like to allow a specific date range or exclude it, click on the 'Add Dates' button. 
  • Select your 'Start Date and Time' as well as your 'End Date and Time'
  • You can add Notes as well.
  • Click 'Save'

  • Once you've created your enabled/restricted date range, you'll see the below line under the 'Edit When Guests Can Place Orders' Tab.

For Order Ahead Menus:

If you have 'This Menu Accepts Future Orders' checked, you'll also be able to Restrict delivery/pickup dates for this menu.

  • Once you're on the menu you'd like to edit, click on 'Restrict delivery/pickup dates'
  • Click 'Add Dates'

  • You'll be prompted to enter the 'Start Date and Time,' the 'End Date and Time,' as well as any Notes
  • Click 'Save'

  • You should now see a line under your 'Excluded Delivery/Pickup Dates'

To Delete a Restriction on Ordering or Pickup/Delivery Dates, simply click on the date range and click the trash can icon in the top-right corner.

Note: If you create a restricted ordering date range for a menu that does not allow future orders, once you check, 'This Menu Accepts Future Orders,' that restriction will automatically be applied to the Delivery and Pickup Time Range instead of the ordering time range.