Omnivore Integration Timeline

Omnivore is a third-party company with which Bbot and certain POS companies partner to exchange data. Omnivore installs a small program on the POS system which allows it to connect to modern, cloud-based systems such as Bbot.

Below is a simplified outline of the integration process and what to expect. The integration process may take as long as 4-6 weeks depending on how efficiently each step is executed. For more details on each of these steps, please review our Omnivore Integration guide.

Week 1 

  • Prerequisites: Prior to setting up Omnivore, you will need to confirm a few technical prerequisites outlined in the Omnivore Integration guide linked above. These steps may be skipped if you do not have or know this information, but skipping will likely prolong the onboarding process.
  • Get Omnivore: Setting up your Omnivore account and connecting Bbot should only take a few hours at most. This is an integral step of the onboarding process, and it's important to follow each of the steps outlined in the Omnivore integration guide carefully. 

Week 2-3

  • Omnivore Installation: Omnivore will be in touch to schedule an installation session. Depending on their availability, this could take up to two weeks from the time you set up your account. They will help you make sure that your POS employee, payment tender, revenue center, and order type are correctly defined.

Week 4-6

  • Build Smart Ordering Menu: Create a CSV menu to upload to the Bbot owner panel. When doing so, you will need to create a new column for 'POS ID' in which you will need to add the POS ID for each individual item. Depending on the size and complexity of your menu(s), building the CSV may take a few hours to a number of days. Create a new menu in Bbot then Upload your CSV to the new menu you've created. 
  • Order Testing and Soft Launch: Once your menu is built, it’s time to test! Depending on the complexity of your menu, you may find that menu items and modifiers are not behaving as you would like them to. These issues may arise on your guest-facing Bbot website or in your POS and may affect fulfillment, printing, or reporting. We recommend giving yourself a full week to work through your menu and address any potential issues that may arise, and then soft launch!

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