Third Party Delivery Report

The Third Party Delivery report shows data for deliveries executed by an integrated third party service during a selected time span.

The report houses the following information:

  • Order Date - The time and date the order was placed
  • Order Number - The order number in Bbot associated with the delivery
  • Location - The location code from which the delivery order was placed
  • Delivery Fee Charged to Customer - The cumulative amount of applicable service fees, as set up in the Account Settings of your Bbot Owner Panel
  • Gross Incl Tax - Total dollar amount of the order including tax and delivery fee
  • Driver Tips - Gratuity that will go to the third party delivery driver
  • Third Party Delivery Cost - The dollar amount deducted from the order total and paid out to the third party delivery service for use of their platform
  • Withholdings - The amount withheld from orders for delivery bills or any other applicable service fess, such as Driver Tips and Third Party Delivery Cost
  • Details of Withholdings  - The amount and description for the withheld amount due to delivery bills or any other applicable service fees

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