Terminal - Search Orders Screen

The Search Orders screen allows you to search for bulk and/or single orders, move active orders through statuses, refund orders, send receipts, and reprint tickets.

To search for order(s), you can enter any of the following criteria:

  • Order Number
  • Start Date / Time
  • End Date / Time
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Card Last 4
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Card Expiration Year
  • Checkout Info

When searching by 'Checkout Info', you will need to ensure that you've enabled the Required Checkout Information settings for the location codes you're using. You will be able to enter any of the information from the checkout information the guest entered to bring up orders with that associated information.

Once you have entered your search criteria and selected the blue “Search Orders” button, your screen will populate with orders that match. 

Each order will display with a slightly darker gray header that includes the order number, location code, and the total time between receiving the order and fulfillment. Delivery orders will also show delivery information in the header. Under each order header, you can view all items in the order, along with any associated modifiers, quantities, and prices.

When you select an order, the items within the order will highlight blue, and an action bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

Within this action bar, you can advance the status of the order with a single click. You can also reprint the ticket for the order, send a receipt via email or SMS, and issue refunds for selected items within the order.

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