Editing Locations - General

To edit your location codes, log into the Bbot Owner Panel and click on 'Tables/Location Codes' under the 'Restaurant Setup' heading.

Click the box next to the location code you want to adjust and click the 'Edit' button in the top-right corner.

Location Code

  • Enable Location Code: Toggling this setting OFF will disable the location code.
  • Location Code: The Location Code which will show in the URL following the .menu
  • Location Long Name: When an order is placed this is the will shown on the receipt or the KDS screen
  • Runner Notes: This will allow instructions for delivering to this location (the one that has been selected), which will be shown on the Bbot Command Center handheld device.

Presentation to guests

  • Landing Page Name: This lets you choose how your Location Name will Display on a BOS landing page, if different from the Location Code Name. This setting will allow you to change the name of a location code When it is displayed directly on the landing.  
    • Toggle to disable/enable this setting
    • Type in the textbox to set a Landing Page Name
  • Landing Page Group Name: Controls how this Location Code Name displays on your BOS Landing Page. This feature allows you to change how a location code name is displayed on a landing pages dropdown menu, or when it is grouped with other location codes.
    • Toggle to disable/enable this setting
    • Type in the textbox to set a Landing Page Group Name
  • Customize Switch Locations Link: Here you can customize or remove the Switch Locations link that appears under the 'Landing Page Group Name' on your BOS menu page.
  • Allow Service Request: This setting allows you to toggle on/off Service Requests for the selected location code(s).
  • Menu Page Logo: From here you can upload a logo that is specific to the selected location code(s). The logo must be at least 70px with a ratio of 1.5:1 or higher.


  • Zone For Reports: This allows you to set the 'Zone' that you would like this location code(s) to report as. This lets you separate revenue and tips by 'Zone' in the Sales by Zone and Tips by Zone report on the 'Reports' tab of the Bbot Owner Panel. This setting can also be used in the Order Control setting in the terminal; you can allow ordering off/on for an entire section.

For questions or assistance with adjusting your location codes, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.