Configuring Guest Service Requests

Service requests allow your guests to communicate with their server or request items such as additional utensils, a water refill, or sending a custom message to their server. 

How to Configure Guest Service Requests

Step 1: Enable Service Requests

Contact Bbot support by emailing or texting 415-855-2268 to request that the Service Request feature be enabled for your account.

Step 2: Add/Edit Service Requests

Once the feature is enabled, you will see a Service Requests section under Restaurant Setup within the owner panel. Select this option to get started.

Here, you will see the option to load all of the default service requests that Bbot has pre-configured. You may also opt to add specific service requests one at a time using the "New Service Request" button.

Clicking the "Load All Default Service Request Options" button will automatically populate all pre-configured service request options, pictured below.

Clicking "New Service Request" will display a drop-down in which either a default can be selected or a custom service request can be configured.

 Selecting custom will open a pop-up in which you can configure the details of the service request.

After completing the service request details, make sure to click the Save button.

Step 3: Turn On Service Requests for Appropriate Location Codes

Within the Owner Panel, navigate to Tables/Location Codes under Restaurant Setup.

Select the location code(s) that you wish to configure service requests for and click the Edit button at the top of the section.

Within the General section of the sidebar, scroll until you reach the section labeled "Presentation To Guests/Landing Page" and click the toggle for "Allow Service Requests". Then click the Save Changes button on the sidebar.

Please visit Fulfilling Service Requests and How To Use Service Requests for additional info on the full functionality of service requests. 

For any questions, please contact our Support Team at