Relay Delivery Integration

Relay's technology platform connects restaurants that have pending orders for delivery with couriers that are available to pickup and deliver orders. Relay's software provides a unified management system for orders across all delivery platforms and a scalable courier force to ensure on-time delivery. Your delivery radius will be determined by Relay's technology.

Relay Integration Features

  • Manually Cancel Orders: Ability to manually cancel a Relay delivery order. For more information on canceling a Relay order, please see the article on canceling a Relay driver.
  • Automatically Call Driver: For ASAP orders, a delivery driver will automatically be called to arrive in 25 minutes once an order is submitted. For 'Order Ahead' delivery orders, the driver will be called to arrive at the start of the desired timeblock of the order.
  • Address Confirmation: Relay's technology will confirm that the address is deliverable before accepting the order.

Delivery Fees & Service Charges

  • Relay Delivery Fees: Relay charges a delivery fee directly to the restaurant. To prevent 'Insufficient Funds' errors on delivery orders, it is imperative that you connect a payment method in your Relay account.
  • Bbot Service Charges: If you would like to pass on the delivery fees to the guest, you can create a Service Charge in Bbot Admin Panel to be applied to delivery orders.

Connecting Relay

1) Sign up for Relay Delivery at:

2) Once you are signed up, log in to the Bbot Owner Panel and navigate to the 'Bbot App Store'.

3) Use the drop-down menu and select 'Delivery'. This will be preset with our delivery integration interfaces including 'Relay'.

4) Click 'Connect Relay' and this pop will be presented to you. Input your 'Producer Location Key' and 'API Key' which should have been provided to you by Relay upon signing up on their platform. If you select the 'Inject orders as ready for delivery?' a driver will be called immediately to collect the order. If you do not select this option, orders will be injected into Relay as 'Placed' and will need to be updated in Relay to hail a driver. 

5) Then click 'SUBMIT'.

* Need support for a Relay order gone wrong? Please see our Relay Delivery Support guide for more information.

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