Support Text Alerts

You can receive support text alerts from Bbot!

Based on your venue's hours, these automatic messages from our server alert management if a printer or tablet goes offline causing Bbot orders to be unfulfillable, or if an order has not been accepted for a significant amount of time.

How does this work?

If a tablet or printer goes offline during hours of operation, a text message will be sent to the designated recipient. If the device stays offline, alerts will continue at the following increments of time from the first notification: 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. After the 3-hour mark, alerts will stop.

If an order is left unopened for 4 minutes during hours of operation, a text message will be sent to the designated recipient. If at 8 minutes the order is still not opened, a follow-up text will be sent. For 'future orders'/'order ahead', the time will begin when the order has been 'un-snoozed'. 

How to set up support alerts:

In your Bbot owner panel, navigate to the 'Support Alerts' page. This can be done via the 'Support Text Alerts' link under the 'Restaraunt Setup' section of your dashboard or via the 'Support Alerts' option of your side navigation bar of the owner panel.

Once you've arrived at this page, select 'Add Alert Recipient'.

Here you will be given the option to link to an existing employee, a device profile, or to create a new alert recipient. 

  • Link To Existing Employee: If you select this option, you will get a popup with a dropdown menu of the employees that currently exist in your owner panel.

  • Link To Device Profile: If you select this option, you will see a similar popup with a dropdown menu of your available device profiles
  • Create New Alert Recipient: If you select this option, you will be required to enter the new recipient's name, then you will be given the options for text notification, email notification, or both. Depending on which you select, you will be prompted to enter the recipient's phone number, email, or both. After entering the requested information, select 'Confirm'.

Support Alert Options:

Next, you will be prompted to select how you would like to configure alerts. Depending on what you've selected in the previous steps, you will have up to 3 options, as shown below. If you are setting up alerts for a device profile or you have chosen for the recipient not to receive alerts by text, you will only have the latter two options available.

  • Use preset alerts for offline tablets and waiting orders (Recommended): Selecting this option will set the standard alerts outlined below.
    • Printer not polling (All Stations): Alert is sent when any printers are offline.
    • Order unopened for 4 minutes (All Stations): Alert is sent when an order goes unopened in the KDS for 4 minutes.
    • Order unopened for 8 minutes (All Stations): Alert is sent when an order goes unopened in the KDS for 8 minutes.
  • Copy alerts from another alert recipient: Select this option if you would like to copy alert settings from one recipient to another. You will be provided a list of existing recipients from which you can select an individual's settings to copy over to the new recipient.
  • Use custom alert settings (Advanced): Selecting this option will truly allow you to customize your alerts. You will be able to tailor your alerts around the criteria listed below. 
    • Which station(s): Choose between all stations or select specific stations
    • What type of alert?: Choose what types of alerts you would like to receive and how you would like to receive them (text or email). Depending on your settings and previous selections, you may see some portion or all of the following options:
      • Order received (by email)
      • Order left un-opened (by email): An email alert that an order has been left unopened in the KDS
      • Order left un-opened (by text): A text alert that an order has been left unopened in the KDS
      • Printer not polling (by text): A text alert that a printer is offline
      • Tablet not polling (by text): A text alert that a tablet is offline
      • Tablet disallowed ordering (by text): A text alert that ordering is not allowed via the tablet
      • Order due (by email): An email alert that an order is due
    • Hours/Minutes/Time until alert is sent: Depending on the type of alert you select from the above, you may have the option to select the amount of time until the alert is sent. Your options will vary depending on your selection.

Once you have customized your alert, select 'Add Alert'. From here, you will see it populate on the list of 'Active Alerts' within the popup, and you will be able to add additional alerts. After you have added all of the custom alerts you would like, click 'Submit' to save all.

When you receive text alerts, you are also able to specify a time period that you'd like the alerts muted for, disable alerts permanently, and re-enable alerts if they've been muted. 

In the text message alert you've received, you can reply with one of the commands below to adjust the settings of the alerts you receive after texting the command 'Snooze'

  • Off - Mute alerts until the next scheduled opening of your location
  • 3 - You can mute alerts for 3 hours
  • 2 Days - Mute alerts for 2 days
  • 5pm - Mute support alerts until 5pm. If you choose this setting before 5pm it will be done that day and if after 5pm it will be snoozed until 5pm the following day. 
  • Disable - Permanently mute Bbot support alerts. 
  • On - Re-enable support alerts if they have been temporarily muted.
  • Status - Check the status of current alerts and whether they are muted.

Sending the message 'Check' will notify you as to whether the alerts are currently enabled. If you send a command to snooze the text alerts followed by one of the variables above, you will receive a notification advising of the date and time your alerts will be unsnoozed.

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